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What is the tide wifi, the use of tide wifi Detailed [step]

2018-01-12 11:16:40

what is the tide of wifi?

tide wifi is actually a smart router.It is understood that at present "Tide WiFi"Announced and kung fu, add the stupa, ningbo crack, pudding, street at hotel, hundreds of companies such as zhejiang tourism based on WeChat wireless marketing cooperation.

the following, we take a look at the use of the wifi, rounding.What's tide wifi


in short wave wifi is a smart routers, but this kind of router is provide for the use of small and medium-sized businesses, not our personal use.Its ultimate aim is to give businesses do a of the birth of their own marketing platform, users in the use of the merchant's free wifi at the same time, merchants can also and the combination of the user.What role does the

tide wifi?

: for merchants to provide customers with WiFi Internet environment, the pop-up promotional pages, data collection and analysis of marketing, adjust the marketing focus;

: for customers to enjoy free WiFi Internet, know the businessman preferential information;

for platform: network software services, continuously new industry page template design, enhance the system function.

tide wifi how to use?

the first step: open the packing box, insert the power cord connected to the router equipment and electric outlet, if is ADSL, please put ADSL WAN cables into the router's WAN port.

the second step: view your wireless router on the back of the label, the door symbol is the IP address of the wireless router, such as the default user name and password information.

the third step: open the computer search signal, after the connection is successful, open the browser, the browser's address bar enter the IP address of the router in the open.(the router IP for: enter the user name password by default root password admin.

the fourth step: after the success of the login, enter the router Settings page.Step 5:

router Settings page provides five ways to choose on the Internet.Respectively is: the PPPoE (virtual ADSL dial-up), dynamic IP (Ethernet broadband, obtain IP address automatically from her Internet service provider), static IP (fixed IP address), Ethernet broadband network service providers, 4 g / 3 g card, WiFi relay.Please choose according to actual condition, we set is the most commonly used PPPOE dial, select PPPOE virtual dial-up (ADSL), the next step.

step 6: input provided by the broadband operators in open when the user name and password, click next.Step 7:

input is completed, click "Application "Button.At the same time to enter "Work status "See the broadband connection was successful.Step 8:

after the success of the broadband connection, into the advanced Settings page, click "Network Settings >Authentication Settings "For information input.The boot server address will be used by one way street to provide to you.

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