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What is the transmission rate

2018-01-05 09:38:26

what transmission rate is

baud rate is?Transmission rate refers to the print server can support from other nodes on the network to transmit data at a rate of the print server.Transmission rate refers to the MODEM theory can achieve the maximum transmission rate, the amount of data transmitted per second, with BPS (bit per second, bits/SEC) as the unit.

baud rate is the main indicators of system transmission capacity.There are several different definitions:

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carry data information of the signal transmission rate unit is called element, the number of code elements per second through the channel transmission called element transmission rate, as rs, unit is the potter (Bd), hereinafter referred to as the baud rate.Element transmission rate is also called the modulation rate.

2. A bit transmission rate of

per second through the channel transmission of information called bit transmission rate, as rb.Unit is bits per second (b/s), referred to as the bit rate.

3. From the source message transmission rate of

per second of data bits, or bytes) called a message transmission rate, unit is bits/SEC (or bytes per second), referred to as "message rate, as the rm.


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asynchronous transfer mode is


packet forwarding rate is

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