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What is the two layer switch

2018-01-09 10:48:33

What's layer 2 switches

layer 2 switches?Layer 2 switches refers to only support the OSI layer 2 (data link layer) switching technology of switch, 2 switching technology is mature, switch on the second floor is a data link layer device, the MAC address information in the packet can be recognized, according to MAC address forwarding, and record the MAC address with the corresponding port in its own internal an address table.Process of

(1) when switches from a port receives a packet, it first reads the source MAC address in baotou, so that it would know the source MAC address of the machine is in which port;

(2) to read the destination MAC address in the baotou, and find the appropriate port in the address table;

(3) the table with the destination MAC address of the corresponding port, the data packets directly copied to the port;

(4) if can't find the corresponding ports in the table the packet broadcast to all ports, when purpose machine response to the source machine, switch which can learn a destination MAC address and port, the next time when transmitting data will no longer need to broadcast all ports.continuous cycle of the process, for the entire network MAC address information can be learned, layer 2 switches that establish and maintain its own address table.Characteristics of from the working principle of layer 2 switches can infer the following three points: characteristics of

(1) due to the switch for most port data exchange at the same time, this will require a wide exchange of bus bandwidth, if there are N layer 2 switch port, the bandwidth of the each port is M, switch bus bandwidth over N×M, then the switch can achieve wire-speed switching;

features (2) study the port machine's MAC address, write address table, the address table size (usually two kinds of representation: one for BUFFER RAM, one for MAC table item number), the address table size affect switch access capacity;Characteristics of

(3) and a is the layer 2 switches typically contains specially used for processing data packets forwarding ASIC (Application specific Integrated Circuit) chip, so forwarding can be done very fast.Because each manufacturer USES the ASIC, directly affect the product performance.


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