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What is the use of the firewall, the introduction of the role of the firewall

2018-02-09 13:32:33

as the constant progress of The Times, now computer has gained popularity.Computer brought convenience to our lives, it can help us to broaden their, but because the network is worked out, so a lot of people in using computer on the Internet may be network security problems, in order to solve this problem, people use the firewall.The role of firewall

first what we simply understand the firewall.Firewall is made up by software and hardware equipment of a kind of network protection barrier.It is a combination of computer hardware and software.In general, computer inflow or outflow of all network communication is need to include network communication and data packets, this is to go through a firewall.

1. A firewall is a network security barrier, in general, the firewall is the largest program can improve the security of computer network, it can help computer filtering some unsafe factors, finally can help improve the safety performance of the computer.We are in process of using the Internet, the firewall can prevent us from open some failed to pass the application protocol software, so the security of the network environment will become more.

(2) the firewall can also help strengthen the network security policy.We need only through a firewall security scheme configuration, you can configure security software to the firewall.Of course, we can also be spread to the problem of network security on each host to ensure safety, but the price of this method will be more high, so use centralized firewall is the most economical approach.If is the use of the network firewall, we wouldn't have to put the system in network access to each host to confirm above, only need to focus on the firewall.

(3) when we were in the use of the network, the firewall will monitor access to the network and access.The firewall will also make some log records in a timely manner.After a day's work, it will also provide network practical situation of statistical data, when the network is abnormal, fire will even for processing, can also according to provide the data for analysis.Is more reasonable.

4. A firewall can also help us to prevent internal information confidential.It is not only can prevent external bad information into our computer, at the same time can also help to protect the computer in the middle of the important documents.This is the best protect the privacy of the user.

people are now more like the Internet, but the content of the website is relatively complex, sometimes may cause the computer poisoning, a firewall, we do not have to worry about such a situation.

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