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What is the use of the router's USB interface and the function of the router USB interface

2018-01-08 14:21:14

now many have a USB interface on a router, a lot of people still don't understand, the router what's the use of USB interface?Here bring router USB function analysis, take a look at.

role: offline download

routers are mainly USB extension, it can be an external mobile storage devices, such as the large capacity mobile hard disk or USB flash drive, using the router software downloads, anytime and anywhere to store some important files can be downloaded to mobile hard drives and USB drive, convenient home TV, tablet, mobile phone, computer and other equipment offline viewing.

how to implement?Through hard disk device, the mobile hard disk, spare hard disk, USB connection router interface, through the open wireless router app Project "File search function, the user action TV function, you can see with the audio and video files in the storage devices connected to the wireless router.

part 2: to build the most economical family private cloud

want to have their own database connection access anytime and anywhere?Rely on household level NAS storage devices, the high cost.The router connected to the existing storage devices (flash) or mobile hard disk to a network share, let the family members can be in any place on the network to access the data in the home.

if there is no function of auxiliary power supply mobile hard disk, the best choice with the function of the USB HUB for power supply mobile hard disk.More than

such as superior USB device with independent power supply interface, the router can be a USB extension into four start interface, can be read at the same time multiple peripherals like U disk, hard disk, with an external power supply, give enough power supply equipment.Action 3:

turns into a wireless network printer USB connect normal printer

routers, become a network printer, let networked computer wirelessly print operation at any time, can save the initial investment, also can improve the efficiency of office, very practical for small businesses.

operation is very simple, enter the wireless router management interface, find USB Support tag, all the configuration and USB on open, including whether to Support USB printer functions, etc.USB printer attached to the router interface, set the printer has become a network printer, at present a lot of wireless routers can automatically identify the printer model and matching set, rapid implementation network printing.

if your router does not have the USB interface, want to make it affordable family private cloud, can consider to change to a router with the USB interface.

part 4:

the USB interface can charge their phone at any time to external devices, lack of charging interface in the home, or to the nearest charging, can be connected with the USB interface for charging the mobile phone, this feature is very common.More than

what's the use of USB interface is router router USB function analysis related content, hope to help you.

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