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What is the wifi TV set-top box, wifi TV set-top box how to use [Detailed]

2018-01-10 12:55:21

network coverage area is more and more big, many products have realized intelligent network, wifi television set-top box is now gradually spread.Compared with traditional closed-circuit television and cable TV, wifi television set-top box can not only free to watch a lot of hd video resources, all picture and clarity and more realistic.Wifi television set-top box only need to have wireless network can directly watch in the home, also saved a cable TV fee.Don't know how to use, but a lot of friends and see it.Preparations for

network television set-top box is not used alone, is the need and the TV connection and through the television to watch network TV.

network television set-top box must also via broadband lines connected to the Internet properly receive the program, so your family must be installed the broadband network.

av audio-visual interface through the interface and the corresponding interface on the television connections can ordinary standard definition TV programs, but can't watch high-definition television, some old television without HDMI interface, can only use this interface to connect the TV, so can only watch normal sd program.


through the interface and the corresponding interface connection can only watch on the television all TV programs, such as set-top box is a recommended best network connection.Sales of new TV basic market now are fitted with this interface, but does not rule out have not well-known brands to cut corners of the television, Internet users must pay attention to when buying.

this interface rj45 network interface is connected to the broadband network, the general family with broadband router to achieve sharing, so here just put this interface with Ethernet cable connected to the router.But sometimes need some network set-top box for the network configuration, but are relatively simple, different network set-top boxes are different, so the specific operation see illustrations of the set-top box.

wi-fi antennas

network television set-top box if there is the antenna support wireless connections.If your home router is a wireless router, that there is no need to use the RJ45 network interface, RJ45 interface is, after all, through the cable connection is not convenient and not beautiful also.Directly in the network in the set-top box set using WIFI connection is ok.

wifi television set-top box television product is emerging in recent years, many big brands have excellent products, domestic such as millet, huawei's TV box performance is very good, and the TV box don't have to worry about the poor quality of the signal problem, as long as the guarantee network unobstructed, can be anywhere at any time to find their favorite program, can also received a lot of hd channels.Now TV products own has wifi interface using the TV set-top boxes, just follow the instructions to do, is easy to install and use.

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