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What is the working principle of Ethernet switches, what is the role of Ethernet switches

2018-01-05 09:50:07

: working principle and function of Ethernet switch Ethernet switch is to transmit data based on Ethernet switches, using the general linear transmission media of Shared Ethernet lans.The structure of the Ethernet switch is each port are directly connected to the host, and generally work in full duplex mode.Switches can be connected at the same time many to port, make each pair of the mutual communication of the host can be like an exclusive communication media, for data transmission without conflict.

the role of the Ethernet switch

Ethernet switches used most commonly, the price also cheaper.The class is complete.Therefore, the application field is very broad, they can be found in the large and small LAN.Ethernet switches usually have several to dozens of ports.Is essentially a multiport bridge.In addition, its port rate can be different, way of working can also be different, if you can provide the bandwidth of the 10 m and 100 m, provides the half-duplex and full-duplex and adaptive way of working, etc.

the working principle of Ethernet switch

Ethernet switch is the data link layer of the machine, using Ethernet physical address (MAC address), 48, 6 bytes.Its working principle is: when receiving a broadcast frames, he will give all the port forwarding in addition to receiving port.When receiving a unicast frame, checks the destination address and corresponding to its own MAC address table, if there is a destination address, the forwarded, if there is no flood (radio), after the radio without the MAC address of the host MAC address is the same, with the purpose of the frame is discarded, and if you have the same host, will be the host MAC will be automatically added to the MAC address table.

switches break up collision domains, each port independent into a collision domain.Each port if there is a large amount of data to send, port will receive first wait for sending the data stored in the register, in turn send again when sending out.

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