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What kind of server memory, plug-in server principle

2018-01-12 11:26:43

: the server memory also is a kind of memory, memory and other different is that the server memory chips is used on the web server and other equipment of memory, and common memory chips are used in the mainframe computer storage devices.And because the server memory chips is used on the server memory devices, its insertion method principle nature also is different from ordinary memory chips.Let's to meet.Server server memory chips 】 【

types of memory chips server memory interpolation principle

what is the server memory chips

computer server memory chips is also our mouth often said "Memory "(RAM), it with our common personal computer memory is the shape of the external and internal structure of no significant difference between the two, but only professionals know, server memory than the computer's memory, introduces some new technology, such as ECC, hot-swappable technology and so on, these technologies have the server's memory is more stable, and there's a certain error correction function, so the server memory is not paralysis.

server memory chips type


ecc memory is our one of the most common server on average memory used a technology, called PARITY, it is widely used in the investigation on the wrong words.if, big enough to give each data increase their degree of detail once check, small enough to detect a all of the characters or bytes, even with a mistake.But this kind of technology also has its disadvantages, that is when a computer checks into a BYTE has a mistake, where it cannot precisely determine the error is a bit, there would be no way to correction.The ECC is born in order to solve these mistakes, it can not only " like its name;Error checking and correction ", also can be applied to different types, which eventually became the mainstream of a SD memory.

second, chipkill you may never heard of this kind of technology, it can be about the research on manufacturing company, you will know the birth of this kind of technology is no accident: the well-known IBM in order to make up for a lack of ECC technology, developed in the last century the memory type, it updates the ECC memory protection standards.It can improve at the same time, in the performance of the hard drive to a host to provide a lot of memory for the host (CPU) on the need to read the data save, so CHIPKILL technology in ECC couldn't find a number of data errors of disadvantage, on the basis of using the substructure of memory to solve this difficult problem.

3, RRGISTER Register, just as its name implies is "Register "We can also understand it as "Directory register ", when we have it, when memory with reading and writing instruction, the technology to retrieve the directory first, then for the next operation, greatly improve the server memory efficiency.

server memory interpolation principle

is in the server memory installation must follow these principles, otherwise the server will not work, not only will restart occur when machine configuration, damage to the entire server system security and service life.Follow the principle of the installation to make the system achieve the best performance, also can ensure the safety of the system.

1, cannot mix RDIMM and UDIMM installation.Two types of servers within any case can not mix installation, and UDIMM represent the highest memory is full of memory, namely RDIMM is a special kind of memory with the register, the installation cannot be mixed.

2, , when installed UDIMM, if the number of each channel is no more than two servers installed UDIMM type memory, you must make sure that the amount of memory each channel shall not exceed 2, otherwise it will lead to system failure.

3, , all occupied channel allocation must be the same server memory insert, remove free passage on the server, all other channels must be occupied will be used for the same configuration Settings, namely implement configuration synchronization operation.

4, , dual CPU configuration, each processor memory configuration must be the same if the server configuration, and insert the memory Settings, the processor is a dual processor, perhaps in order to realize the memory configuration synchronization Settings.

5, different memory modules can be mixed, but in the same channel Here is an example can be mixed, but should follow the previous rules, that is, all occupied channel memory configuration to synchronize Settings.

6, for the optimizer installation, should follow the principle of order installation Here the order of the memory module need to order according to the number of slots for installation, under normal circumstances, the initial installation of the letter is A1 and B1.

7, , image or advanced ECC mode the installation sequence will be slightly different, generally three slots of the grounds farthest from the processor is not in use, and the order of the memory module installation is not starting from A1 and B1, but from the A2 and B2 to start the installation, the rest of the slot are in alphabetical order according to the rest of the Numbers for installation.Senior width of ECC mode needs some special equipment to be able to install.

above seven principles are installed in server memory in one of the most important seven principles, in the process of installation, every principle can not, must strictly follow, and in each principle are exchanged.

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