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What network is WLAN? Teach you to distinguish between WLAN and WiFi

2018-01-05 11:01:42

when the wireless network becomes more and more popular in our life, we will need to use the wireless network more and more.But in the use of a wireless network at the same time, we will find there are so many different network can be for us to choose, in addition to the side of the WIFI network, WLAN network of this type of network.So many people would have said very confused?What WLAN network is a network, what is the difference between it with WIFI?So the next, small make up just to explain to you.

what is WLAN

wlan (Wireless Local Area Networks) is a Wireless Local Area network, is a kind of data transmission system.It USES radio frequency (RF) technology for data transmission, no cables, no distance limit of the open network.WLAN using ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) radio frequency communication.WLAN standard of 802.11 a use 5 GHz frequency band, the maximum speed of support for 54 Mbps, while 802.11 b and 802.11 g standard using 2.4 GHz frequencies, support the biggest 11 Mbps respectively and the speed of 54 Mbps.Protocol standard has: the current WLAN contains IEEE802.11 protocol b, IEEE802.11 a protocol, protocol of IEEE802.11 g, IEEE802.11 E, IEEE802.11 I agreement, wireless application protocol (WAP).

what is the difference between WLAN and wifi

a: the difference between WLAN and wifi wifi contained in WLAN, transmitting power is different, different coverage.In fact WIFI is WLANA (wlan) of a trademark, the trademark is only guarantee the use of the trademark goods can cooperation between each other, actually has nothing to do with standard itself, but because of WIFI mainly adopts 802.11 b protocol, so people get used to use WIFI to call 802.11 b protocol.From the inclusion relation, WIFI is a standard of WLAN, WIFI contained in WLAN, belongs to a new technology of WLAN protocols used.WiFi coverage of up to 300 feet (90 meters), WLAN biggest (antenna) to 5 km.

wi-fi and WLAN the difference between the two: covering the scope of the wireless signal is different.WIFI (Wireless Fidelity), also known as 802.11 b standard, its the biggest advantage is the high transmission speed, 11 MBPS can be achieved, and its effective distance is very long, but also compatible with existing 802.11 DSSS equipment.Wireless Internet has become a reality.Radio coverage range, based on the bluetooth radio coverage is very small, only about 50 feet about 15 meters radius, and the radius of the wi-fi is up to 300 feet around 90 meters, the office Since needless to say, it is also can be used in the whole building.But with the development of the wifi technology, wifi signal covering the scope of the future will be more wide.

summary: through the above, you probably already know what the hell is the WLAN network, in fact, the so-called WLAN network is a very big concept, which also contain the WIFI network this kind of network.At the same time both in WLAN and WIFI them but is a kind of a means to realize the wireless Internet.But WLAN network than the WIFI network will be more less restrictive, and WLAN network coverage than WIFI coverage degree is high, as we can see everywhere at ordinary times the China telecom wireless local-area network (WLAN) signal.

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