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What should be done when a network connection is restricted or unconnected?

2018-02-05 11:42:12

ordinary people in the use of computers, often see computer corner will appear an exclamation mark, so this time will show the local restricted or connectionless.So many netizens think that their computer networks that there might be a failure, but it is not, this major is computer network equipment, the distribution function of the problem, then the next small make up this problem to do a simple introduction, for your reference in the actual life.

a, appear this kind of problem:

first small make up to you to introduce local even the acceptable limits or no network connection comes in, is usually due to broadband connections, dial-up users received no standard equipment operators, that is network distribution is not successful, at this time only need through the fixed IP address can be solved.Solution is very simple, first of all, we click online neighbors on the surface of the table, and then will see attribute this bar, right-click on the local connection properties, double-click internet4 agreement in the agreement you can enter a fixed site, and the IP address, if we don't know the website and the fixed IP address, you can click automatically for automation, it can successfully solve the problem.

2, because the function of the router's DHCP is closed:

second small make up for everybody introduction, another reason is that due to the router's DHCP feature is closed, meaning that the router is not set well, this also is the router itself, as a result of the small fault we can restart the router, or the function is called a router open the can.If you can not solve, small make up teach you a way out of the simple and crude, is directly to the router to restore factory Settings, and then reset the account password online, etc., so that the router can work normally, the network can be normal work.Three, affected by the network card in the computer:


the last small make up to introduce one of the reasons is that the local even the acceptable limits or no network connection, may be caused by itself in the computer network card.Card cause local even acceptable limits, the solution is also very simple, in general, the first thing to understand the gateway router is, or is, but the network address of the router itself above all, may be due to the address of the nic itself appeared deviation, then need to increase the network card to solve independently.

on the local computer even accept restrictions or unable to connect to the Internet the problem has been introduced the relevant knowledge of small make up here, through the introduction of small make up more than I think we have been for this kind of problem is quite general understanding, hope small make up the above introduction will bring you some help.

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