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What to do if the phone can not connect to the wifi, the phone can not even wifi solution

2018-02-27 10:19:10

mobile phone can't even wifi?

wifi wireless network, wireless network access to the Internet can be simple to understand for the wireless Internet, almost all smartphones, tablets and laptops support wi-fi access to the Internet, is the one of the most widely used a wireless network transmission technology.

the following, we take a look at mobile phone network Settings.

1, open the WiFi, fill in the password interface click advanced Settings.Open in

2, IP set static IP, IP address, IP address is box column gray font, retype it again.

3, continue to click on the gateway to enter gateway the gray box column words.Fill in

4, gateway mask, input gray character again.

5, fill out the main domain name server: basically or

6, time domain name server with the main domain name server.Page

7, returned to fill in the password.

8, enter the password to connect.


grey words must be written again.

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