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What to do if your computer's internet connection icon is missing

2018-01-15 15:24:46

Only after

users just installed Windows xp, the surface of the table "The recycle bin "Watch the desktop, "My computer "And "Online neighbors "Also disappeared, even the most basic "Internet Explorer"Also have no, and when in use, also some not so convenient.The computer network connection icon on the desktop suddenly see how to solve?The following detailed introduce for everybody, together and see it!Methods

this an icon is a system icon, can be set through the system to solve the problems of the ICONS, its setting methods as follows, first right-click on the desktop margin from the pop-up menu, choose right "Properties throughout the &;, if Windows 7 system, select "Personalized ".After

to open the display properties window, in the TAB selection "Desktop "This item, click on the interface of "A custom desktop ", Windows 7 is selecting the "Change the desktop icon ".

in the desktop project "Regular "TAB, find "Network neighborhood "This one, if the desktop no online neighbors this icon, this is certainly not checked, Windows 7 is found under the desktop icon "Network "This item.

will "Network neighborhood "Or "Network "Check, and then press "Identify "Save the Settings.

to return to the desktop to see, at this time, an icon has been restored, set to complete.Method 2

use group policy to restore this approach, the first from the start menu to open "Run "Program, and then input gpedit. MSC command, determined, enter the group policy editor window.

in the group policy editor on the left side of the directory, find "User configuration "From below, and then find "Management template "This item.

under management template, and then find and select "Network "This item.

on the right side of the network window, find "Hide desktop "Network neighborhood "The icon "This item, and then double-click the.After

open this item properties window, in "Set up "TAB, find "Enabled "This one, if not an icon on the desktop, is it a must to be selected.

to restore the online neighbors on the desktop icon, will change its selection, will "Enabled "Instead "Not configured "Can, and then press "Application "Save, press "Identify "Exit, set up complete.


second group policy method, Windows 7 system.Some

not found on the Windows 7 system "Run "The solution, in "Start "On the right - >Property - >"Start "Menu - >Custom - >Check "Run the command ", to determine all the way back.More than

computer network connection icon on the desktop is suddenly missing solution is introduced, you understand it?Not friends can consult, hope can help to you!

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