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What type of fiber terminal box, fiber terminal box classification [Graphic]

2018-01-11 12:18:47

when we open the landline telephone or broadband network, installation personnel can from the installation on the wall of the public areas of the residential area in a small box pulled out a line, then access your home, this little box is the optical fiber terminal box.What kind of equipment is it?What effect does it have?And what are the types, different types and what role?Below small make up take you know fiber terminal box.

about optical fiber terminal box

if we want to go to the broadband network will lead from the broadband cable entry, that has implications for how the fiber outdoor and indoor tail fiber splicing, optical fiber terminal box can help you achieve this problem.Terminal box with cable terminal box and fiber terminal box, terminal box with optical fiber is a fiber optic cable tapping into multiple single fiber, can also be used for optical fiber and optical fiber welding, and to achieve a optical fiber welding with multiple indoor tail fiber.

(2), optical fiber terminal box scope of the function and application of optical fiber terminal box

main welding is the function of fiber outdoor and indoor tail fiber, informally is indoor to outdoor optical signal can be converted to use the Internet or phone signal.Optical fiber terminal box, of course, also played a fixed optical fiber or cable and protect its role, at the same time, the small box also facilitate management department door check and repair.The current optical fiber terminal box is widely used in cable phone network system, cable TV, broadband network system, etc., will be used for indoor optical fiber directly and tapping.The main functions of the optical fiber terminal box includes fixed, welding, distribution, storage, etc.

the classification of the three, optical fiber terminal box

fiber terminal box can be divided into different types according to different ways, such as type according to the cable connection mode can be divided into direct and differences form;Some containers that can hold the adapter, can't install the adapter;According to the shell material can be divided into metal shell fiber terminal box and plastic shell fiber terminal box;According to the number of optical fiber fusion can be divided into 2 into 8, 4, 12, 4 in 24 out etc.According to the specification can be divided into six core core, 8, 12, 24 core fiber four specifications of the terminal box.Different types of optical fiber terminal box used in different areas and different demand, you can choose according to their own needs.

four, optical fiber terminal box installed

fiber terminal box installation is more professional, and finally find the professionals to install.Small make up in this can be as simple as you introduce, wire and wire connection relationship.Outdoor fiber optic cable or optical fiber access terminal box, in order to realize integration of fiber outdoor and indoor tail fiber, and then through the jump line its derivation, then to the optical transceiver, finally lead to a network cable connected to the router, the user can lead household from the router using the Internet.

fiber outdoor terminal box installed in the general public, block rain, wind and we must keep the appropriate temperature, so as to avoid damage to it.

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