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What types of hotel special wireless routers are good and hotel special wireless routers

2018-01-04 15:13:59

along with the development of the mobile high-speed wireless network is becoming more and more important, many friends dependence on wireless network is very big.A lot of friends at a local habitual out his phone and looking for a wireless network.Now many public will set up a wireless network.And now the hotel is also covered the wireless network, and the realization of the wireless network is done to the router, and wireless router Settings and model of the hotel is also very special, small make up then give you details about hotel wireless router.

hotel special-purpose wireless router which model good

netgear R7000 product type: SOHO wireless router Maximum transmission rate: 1900 mbps

web standards: the IEEE 802.11 n, IEEE network protocol: TCP/IP, RIP, RIP - 2 network interface: a 10/100/1000 mbps

wan mouth 4 10/100/10 asus RT - AC5300 products: home routers maximum transmission rate: 5.3 Gbps network standards: the IEEE 802.11 n, IEEE network interface: one RJ45 10/100/1000 m frequency range: three frequency (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and 5 GHz).

how to set up a wireless router for hotel use only

wireless router's basic setup, please reference: tp link wireless router set with a wireless router, center


log in wireless router Settings B management interface, the basic Settings of the wireless Settings - SSID number ", "Channel ".In The wireless set "Wireless security Settings "Set in the wireless signal encryption information.After

records wireless router B set the SSID and encryption Settings, channel information, in the subsequent wireless router need to apply in the configuration of A and C.

2, A wireless router Settings.

1. Modify the mouth LAN IP address.In the network parameters - LAN port Settings, modify IP address and router B different (to prevent IP address conflict), such as instead, preservation, the router will restart automatically.

2. Enable WDS function.After the restart, with the changed LAN IP address to log in A wireless router, check in the wireless Settings - basic Settings Open WDS”.Attention to the SSID and router B here is not the same, of course, can also be set to the same, so you in these three within range of the router can roam, that is to say as long as you are within the scope of the arbitrary point on the network, to another point within the scope of the also can connect to the Internet, without having to connect, it is convenient to enter the SSID is that image of three routers formed a the same net.

3. The WDS Settings.Click Throughout the scanning &;, search around the wireless signal.In scanning to the signal list, select the router B SSID, TP - LINK_841_B in the diagram below, click Connection ".Set the channel into the same as the router B channel.Set the encryption information is the same as the router B, Save ".

4. Shut down the DHCP server.In the DHCP server, select Is not enabled ", Save "And restart the router.A

wireless router configuration is complete.The wireless router and wireless router B has successfully established WDS.

three, wireless router C Settings.Setting method and configuration of A router (same IP address must be the router A, B and other computers in the network cannot be the same, otherwise it will cause IP conflict computer can't surf the Internet).More than

is that we give you detailed introduction about the hotel the knowledge of the wireless router, hope that we can share to help more friends know hotel wireless router configuration and other basic knowledge, I hope you can share to better understand the hotel through our wireless networks, in addition also hope the friend that is engaged in the hotel network maintenance more to pay attention to our share content, because once set not correctly not only on the net, serious word will lose network signal.And that our hotel wireless router to share is very detailed, hope everybody can share content to focus on our.

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