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What's going on with a mobile phone without a wireless router

2018-01-04 16:33:46

mobile phone One of the most important communication tool in people's life, and along with the advance of information technology and the rapid development of network technology, mobile phone in People's Daily life, study and work are playing a more and more important role.One of the most critical factor is the wifi technology popularization, which can make mobile phone can be like a laptop computer for wireless router connection.

what is the wireless router?

wireless router Wireless network, its repeater is a broadband network, broadband network signals can be forwarded to the surrounding in the form of wireless application terminal equipment.In daily life, work and study, people more to replace the wireless router with wifi.This is because the mobile phone or other network device is connected to the wireless router to achieve in the form of wifi.

even the mobile wireless router should do?

now, circulated a statement like this: in life Is the most painful thing in the world: there is a wireless router in front, mobile phone can't realize the connection.Throughout the &;Then, when the mobile phone even don't wireless router, what should I do?The following.Small make up a brief introduction of the solution.

solution 1: check that the phone is on wifi function.

mobile phones and wireless network key is to realize the connection with wifi function, and, at the time of the connection, the wifi function of mobile phone must be open.If you don't open, affirmation is unable to connect.

solution 2: check the wireless router is open or is working correctly.

wireless router is the key equipment to forward the broadband network to all around.If the wireless router to open, all kinds of connection lines or wireless router is not normal, makes the wireless router doesn't work, a mobile phone is definitely cannot be achieved with the wireless router connection.

solution 3: check the wireless router wireless network password.

when cell phones and wireless router at the launch of the normal state and acceptance of the wireless network, but the two have not connection, this may be due to the wireless router of the wireless network is need password.This time, will have to check, the wireless router's password.This has a wireless network password correct type on a cellular phone, to achieve the normal connection.Above

is to solve the problem of mobile phone unable to connect to wireless routers, three of the most common way.There are some of the way.Such as wireless router is turned off to restart or wireless router to carry on the password reset, etc.All in all, the most fundamental solution is to cell phone and wireless router to work properly.

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