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What's the difference between a AP and a router

2018-01-05 11:28:39

is now able to get rid of the cable can limit free access to WiFi and wireless networks are more popular, many hotels, restaurants, hotels, offices and other places will provide wireless networks.And can provide wireless network equipment has a lot of, now we introduce the wireless ap and wireless router.So, any significant difference between the ap and router?Their respective function?In this article, small make up to you in detail the difference between the ap and routers, help you more in-depth understanding of the two devices.

what is the difference between the ap and the router is introduced the concept of different

first is conceptually different, among them, the ap is a wireless network access point, commonly known as Hot ", can connect LAN, not on the Internet function, make only a network connection.It is through the cable connected to the other network equipment, and then through radio signal itself, to other computers through it to access the other network, general wireless ap maximum coverage range of up to 500 meters.Router is applied to the user access to the Internet, with the function of wireless coverage router.Wireless router can be viewed as a repeater, will pick up on the wall in the home broadband signal forward through the antenna to nearby wireless network equipment, as well as on the Internet can connect LAN.

what is the difference between the AP and the router is introduced the function of different

AP is the bridge of communication between wireless network and wired network, because wireless AP coverage of the spread of the circular area, so should try to put the wireless AP is placed in the center of the wireless network, each client within the scope of the wireless AP signal radiation, it is equivalent to a wireless switches.Router is a combination of simplex AP and broadband router, it can realize the Internet connection sharing home wireless network, ADSL and community broadband wireless access to Shared, can realize the wireless local area network (LAN), convenient data exchange.

what is the difference between the ap and the router is introduced the application of different

ap with more in need of large area covered place, such as hotel, office building, the banquet hall, etc., all ap connected via Ethernet and connected to the wireless local area network firewall independently.Wireless router in the use of relatively small household coverage, used in small scale, few users use, wireless routing management easier and cheaper.

the difference between the ap and the router is introduced the connection mode of different

ap can't directly connects with the ADSL modem, when use must add a switch or routing server.But most wireless routers because has the ability of broadband dial-up, therefore can be Shared directly with ADSL modem connected to broadband.

cost of the difference between the ap and the router is introduced different

ap and wireless router price still have difference, in general, wireless coverage in a large area need a lot more than the ap and the number of the router is a router in the formation of wireless local area network (LAN) equipment, bad maintenance.So, large covering many are using the high power wireless ap.

therefore, starting from the concept, function, application, connection mode and the cost of this a few aspects of wireless ap and wireless router that the difference between the two devices are introduced in detail, the next to the ap and router should be able to distinguish.Generally speaking, a multi-purpose wireless router at home or in a small scale, and ap in some more multi-purpose requires a wide range of wireless network, which is industrial grade.Here small make up recommend consumers, depending on the way to choose suitable wireless devices.

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