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What's the difference between the WLAN version of iPad and the cellular version

2018-01-03 12:13:04
The tablet computer on the market is divided into

wlan and cellular edition two, have a friend don't understand, what is the difference between the wlan and cellular version?Here is to introduce the next.The

version of the wlan and cellular what's the difference?Wlan

version of the device can only use wifi access networks.

wlan + cellular version of the device can use wifi and insert SIM card access networks.

the WLAN + cellular: new device at the time of release using 4 g networks, due to the popularity of 4 g networks have comprehensive overseas, so directly to the 3 g version called the new 4 g version.

however, a new device when they log in China, due to there is no 4 g network in China, so the new device is divided into two versions, a Wifi version and a Wifi + cellular version, the latter is in fact the Wifi + cellular foreign new ipod 4 g version, not only support the 3 g network also support 4 g network.

above is my introduction of what is the difference between wlan and cellular version, hope to help you.

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