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What's the use of router upgrades, router upgrades

2018-01-04 13:59:24

guide language: now our life has cannot leave a network, we can in online learning, work on the Internet, online entertainment, even our property is stored on the network bank, can say, if have no network, many systems in the world will be down for a long time.Said to the network, now we get to the Internet are mostly through the router connected to the network signal has access to, of course, the WiFi is also made by the router.What's the use of the router to upgrade?How to upgrade the router?Come and look at it with small make up!What's the use of

router upgrade?

1. In principle, can improve the performance of router.May also be a manufacturer to fix bugs in software.Generally does not affect use.If it is a high-end router.Try to keep the latest condition.Because may be updated information such as the routing table.Household generally don't tube.

2. The router updates, every time to upgrade the firmware have updated instructions, it is good to look at, to improve the stability, adding features.Under normal circumstances there is no need to upgrade.In simple terms, a router upgrade can add some new functions, such as the new protective function or improve speed, etc., is beneficial in short.

router upgrade method one:

please follow the steps below to upgrade:

1. Into the router management page, and then enter the "System tools "- >Software upgrade ", click Browse "And select to upgrade. Bin file;

2. Click on the upgrade, after the success of the upgrade will be prompt.

router upgrade method 2: if your router interface similar to below

(including "TFTP server IP”) : please complete the following steps to upgrade:

1. The closed system of the firewall, the firewall system at including and you also install firewall software.XP system can follow the steps below to shut down the system built-in firewall: right-click computer Local connection "Select properties, then click Senior ", and then click "Set up "After, in the firewall is shut;

2. Double-click to open the upgrade package of tftpd32. Exe files, and to ensure that during the upgrade process of the software are in an open state;

3. Then login the router management interface, in System tools "- Software upgrade "Interface directly click Upgrade "Can.

router upgrade in the process of several common error:

1. If the upgrade process similar Upgrade is not successful, please check whether you have open the TFTP server" please check again your upgrade operation is correct.Please confirm whether there is a double-click to open TFTPD32. EXE tool or whether to shut down the operating system firewall;

2. If the upgrade process similar File transfer error, please check whether the input is correct" please check and make sure the upgrade interface of "The file name "Box in the content and the upgrading packages. Bin file filename is the same:

3. If you encounter The documents transmitted by the upgrade is not successful, the version number is wrong, please check the file name is correct" please make sure that you download the update file is corresponding to your models and hardware version of the router.Note in addition to the model outside, the different hardware version also have different update, your product hardware version can see the upgrade page.Remind everyone must pay attention to:

. The upgrade software must be in line with the current product model and hardware version of the software;

2. The upgrade process can't shut down the router power, otherwise may cause the router damage;

3. The way to upgrade, please use the cable connection, do not use wireless connection.

well, above all the content is the small make up for everybody to explain what exactly is the purpose of upgrading the router and small make up to provide for you two ways to upgrade the router, believe everyone for router upgrade now also had certain understanding!Actually general upgrading of router is manufacturer of router in order to solve some weakness in the process of using a router, this principle is basically the same as in the software upgrade, what do you want to upgrade the router which depends on their own choice.

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