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What's the use of the router? Detailed solution of router function

2018-01-04 16:19:44
What the point of

router?Often the use of computers and wireless Internet friends should be familiar with the router this item, we all know that it is to help our communication and network, and can better use the Internet a tool, simply put the router's role as bridge and link.But in the process of the routers in the network connection specific what's the function and role?No router we can properly use the Internet?Below small make up to you to introduce the main functions of the router.

different network

from the perspective of filter network traffic, the role of routers and switches, and Bridges are very similar.But to work in the physical network, from the physical network segment divided into switches, routers use specially door software agreement from the logical partition in the network.For example, a support IP router can divide the network into multiple subnets, only point to specific IP address network traffic can be through a router.For each received packet, the router will recalculate the checksum value, and write new physical address.Therefore, using a router forwarding and the speed of filtering data tend to be slower than only see packet physical address of the switch.However, for those complex network structure, use the router can improve the overall efficiency of the network.Another obvious advantage is that the router can be automatically filter network broadcasting.Overall, the whole installation process of the router is added in the network than switch plug and play a lot of complex.


information transmission router supports only a single agreement, but most of the routers can support a variety of transmission of the agreement, namely the multi-protocol router.Because each has its own rules, to complete the algorithm of multiple protocols in a router, is bound to degrade the performance of the router.Each of the router's main job is to pass the router data frames to find a best transmission path, and the data effectively delivered to the destination.So, choose the best path of policy routing algorithm is the key to the router.In order to complete the work, in the router keeps all the transmission path of data - path Table (Routing Table), used for Routing.Path holds the subnet of marking information in the table, the number of router on the Internet and the name of the next router, etc.Route table can be fixed by the system administrator set up good.

static routing table: set up by the system administrator in advance the path of the fixed table is called a static route table (static).

Dynamic routing table: Dynamic (Dynamic) path router are listed in the table according to the operation of network system and automatically adjust the path to the table.

router is a multiport equipment, it can connect different transmission rate and run on a variety of LAN and wan environment, also can use different protocols.Router belongs to O I S the third layer, network layer of the model.Guidance from one segment to another network segment of data transmission, also can guide from one network to another network data transmission.

first, network interconnection: router support a wide variety of LAN and wan interfaces, is mainly used to interconnect lans and wans, implement different network communication with each other;

second, data processing, including packet filtering, packet forwarding, priority, multiplexing, encryption, compression, and firewall, etc;

the third, the network management: the router including router configuration management, performance management, fault tolerance and flow control, and other functions.

so-called Routing ", it is to point to to transfer data from one place to another place behavior and actions of the Router, to perform the actions of the machine, its English name for the Router, is a kind of connecting multiple network or segment of the network equipment, it can data between different networks or network segment information Translation "So that they can mutually Read "The other side of the data, so as to form a larger network.In order to complete the

Routing "Work, in the router keeps all the transmission path of data - the Routing Table (Routing Table), used for Routing.A sign of routing table holds the subnet information, online number and the name of the next router router, etc.Routing table can be fixed by the system administrator set up good, also can be modified by the system dynamic, can be adjusted automatically by the router, can also be controlled by the host.Involves two related in the router address the name of the concept, that is: the static route table and dynamic routing table.By the system administrator set up beforehand fixed routing table is called a static routing table (static), usually in the system installation is according to the network configuration of the pre-set, it does not change with changes in the structure of future network.Dynamic routing table (Dynamic) is the router according to the operation of network system and automatic adjustment of the routing table.Router based on Routing Protocol (Routing Protocol) provides functionality, network operation, automatic learning and memory in the best path automatic calculation data transmission when necessary.

on the small make up more detail and comprehensively introduces the main purpose of the router, mainly is the information transmission and the connection of different network these two functions.At the same time, small make up remind everybody, the router and "The cat "Are two different items, the router is a network device, it can be connected to a number of different network, network segments, and The cat "Is a kind of modem, because of its English name Modem”Named homophonic, set up home wireless network, we should not only use routers, and want to use The cat ", be short of one cannot.More than

is about what router for related content, hope can help to you!

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