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When the computer opens, it will automatically pop up the automatic broadband connection prompt wind

2018-01-03 11:44:10

since computer connect broadband, we often use broadband connection, even for the convenience of operation, we let the computer boot automatically directly broadband connection, and when we when routing is connected, we will find that the computer can keep the broadband connection, while the computer because before we set to automatically boot broadband connections, often resulting popup hint window, so how do we go to close the prompt window, here, take the computer novice learning together under the operating skills.


boot normal/steps into the system, and then click on the left corner of the desktop icon in the start menu.

a, as shown in the search bar enter "Run "In upper part, and then click enter "Run "Options, as shown in figure 2.

and then running the open position in the window, the input "Msconfig"And then click "Identify "

after the above operations, will enter the system configuration window, here we are again click "Start "Columns, column below

's start, we remove the check "Broadband connection "Options, and then click "Identify "Button. After completing the Settings above

the system will automatically pop-up prompts, requires us to restart our computer to apply these changes. We just need one click "Restart the "Button. Then, after waiting for the good start

computer to restart the computer, then it won't pop up the window of the broadband connection again. More than

is the broadband connection will automatically pop up automatically after the computer boot prompt window method is introduced, you learned?Hope can help to you!

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