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Which brand of wireless router is good

2018-01-04 14:20:52

wireless router which brand good

now more and more computer in the family, dad to fry with desktop, old mama see series, with laptop, use a notebook to office, the family to get to the Internet, how to do?In an unrealistic in the study, destroy the original decoration cloth cables that are less likely to again.Now it seems the best solution is to add a wireless router, all problem solving, the family can be wireless Internet anytime and anywhere.The wireless router which brand is good?Small make up with everyone share once the choose and buy a wireless router to note a few points.

wireless router of choose and buy method

. Port

means of wireless LAN and WAN.No WAN mouth, will not be able to connect the Internet;No LAN port, would not be able to connect the cable in the local area network (LAN) network CARDS, switches and other equipment.

the choose and buy Suggestions: at present, most of the wireless router product provides four switches (LAN) port and a WAN port, port rate is commonly adaptive 10/100 MBPS, and both have Auto MDI/MDIX (cross-functional) automatically, so that users don't need to know the type of cable, can be automatically identified.Average home user home wireless router when the choose and buy, it is important to note whether own switch port, the port can ensure computer cable Internet, established on the basis of the wired LAN cable and wireless mixed network.In addition, some wireless router products may provide five switch port.

2. The transfer rate of

wireless router transmission rate directly affect the ability to send and receive data, transmission rate is not the sooner the better, but also compatible.

the choose and buy Suggestions: at present, based on the IEEE 802.11 g standard of 54 MBPS wireless network products has gradually replaced the IEEE 802.11 b standard products, occupied the mainstream position of market.However, for the average family users, 11 MBPS wireless router basic enough products, and technology than 54 MBPS and 108 MBPS products mature and stable.While in the actual transmission, such products, the theory of transmission rate is much lower than 11 MBPS, only about half of 11 MBPS, but in the current under the limited ADSL broadband will be enough.

3. The transmission distance

emission signal transmission distance refers to the wireless network equipment can achieve the longest distance, the transmission distance, the greater the coverage range is wide.

the choose and buy Suggestions: in theory, the wireless router transmission distance can reach at least as far as 100 meters indoor, outdoor, as far as 300 meters.However, the actual cases, a maximum distance of transmission could be set depending on the surrounding environment, such as indoor wall is more, there are metal obstructions, such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, these will affect the transmission of wireless router.

building area is 120 square meters, if few obstacles, basic can cover the entire indoor wireless signals.When the choose and buy a wireless router products, it is recommended that the choice theory transmission distance larger products.

4. The price

is the price of choose and buy any products need to consider the question, for the average family users, the wireless router's price is higher, the better, not necessarily to choose according to their own actual situation.

the choose and buy Suggestions: wireless router price has dropped a lot, the price of ordinary home wireless router is acceptable.Wireless router when the choose and buy, it is suggested that select vendors of wireless suite, so I can get more benefits.

5. The brand of

many times, the choose and buy of brand around the consumer orientation.When the choose and buy a wireless router products, it is good to look for the well-known brands.

the choose and buy Suggestions: in terms of network technology, foreign brand indeed occupies a certain advantage, but is not absolute, because some domestic companies and foreign companies for strategic cooperation, wireless router product when the choose and buy, be sure to famous brand products of choose and buy, do not covet is cheap, choose not well-known products.

editorial: now the router's brand many, also appeared with wifi, such as routers use more and more big, also do well in process and technology, very practical.That is the wireless router which brand good several Suggestions to this question, given the brand, present several big brands are good, tengda, mercury, routing, etc., you can also see more evaluation before buying.


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