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Which is good for WLAN and WiFi, where is the difference between WLAN and WiFi?

2017-12-29 08:56:10

many people now use mobile phone, but we are in the process of the use of mobile phones will use the traffic, but everyone know traffic is need to deduct our own mobile phone, so the wlan and WiFi, but what is the wlan, wif is what?And what is the difference?Follow the below small make up take a look at it together.

the introduction of Wlan

Wlan is before the invention of the Wireless local area network (LAN) people use of Wlan network connection and communication, the Wireless local area network (LAN) is called the name of the Wlan, English name Wireless LocalArea Networks, or Wlan, it is the use of the radio frequency technology, using electromagnetic wave, in order to achieve the connection of communication in the air, so a lot of people will be using Wlan, in fact, we can be everywhere at home, we can see that we buy a Wireless router, behind is the Wlan interface, the connection joints can be on the Internet.

Wifi introduction

then it introduces the meanings and roles of wlan, then what is the Wifi?Follow below small make up together to get to know, what is called the wifi, wifi is a kind of can speak personal computers, and mobile phone or any kind of handheld devices, wireless way to connected a technique, wifi is actually a kind of high frequency radio signals, and the intensity of the radio signal is also very good, now basically every family will appear, because of the wifi, we can not open the our mobile GPRS, in this way, more convenient, but there's a downside is that we only can carry on the activity in wifi area, out of the range we will wifi connection is not on his home.

wlan and wifi which good

then it introduces the wlan and wifi, so what wlan and wifi that good?In fact the effect is the same, only relatively wlan covered area is more extensive, such as shopping malls, restaurants Or the public, but not wif this level, so, usually a small family will install wifi, and the establishment of the large or places of entertainment will install wlan, the role of both are the same, all is in order to make any handheld device can not open the equipment under the GPRS network and communication, this is the difference between the two, so we can according to their own purposes to determine their own needs.More than

is the wlan and wifi which good, where is the difference between the introduction, you understand?Hope you through small make up this article can clearly know the difference between the wlan and wifi, able to accurately determine their needs, and then to buy, also hope that everybody can understand the difference between the wlan and wifi.

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