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Which smart routers are good, intelligent routers recommend

2018-01-05 16:02:14

popularization and development of intelligent hardware, also bring the vigorous development of the intelligent routing market, each manufacturer in in succession, millet, 360, baidu, thunderbolt, youku, huawei and other companies have introduced the corresponding product.The current intelligent routing product variety, prices ranging from a few yuan to several hundred yuan, all sorts of publicity function also dazzling, let users do not know how to start.I have seven intelligent routing, routing, thunderbolt routing, lenovo newifi millet, magic beans routing, youku routing treasure, newifi mini, 360 security routing p1, get cool again this time to add two routing: a route 3 and huawei honor routing, below details from parameter configuration, appearance, the software system, the features, plug-ins, APP and test data of the nine smart routing transverse evaluation.

a profile, product

bring the following lists the commonly used parameters of nine of routing, I sort simply press the official price order, here is not in order, millet routing is built into the price of 699 yuan a piece of 1 t drive, thunderbolt routing 349 yuan is contains valuable original crystal qualification, and now has been discontinued.

the nine routing except youku routing treasure and 360 P1 support dual-band 2.4 G and 5 G signal.Memory, millet, thunderbolt, lenovo Newifi higher, 256 MB of memory, 360 P1 only 64 MB of memory.Cannot be compared to the same CPU is due to the different models, but also can see that is matched with the price.Millet, thunderbolt, glory, magic beans is built-in antenna, so are standing type, route 3 is designed for villa, three external antenna, lenovo, youku are two external antenna.

2, exterior detail

bring now intelligent routing are exquisite modelling, personality is distinct, attract the attention of the user from the appearance, first let's take a look at the appearance of this paragraph 9 routing details.

delta millet routing looks just like a pillar, with the circulation fan, top and bottom has ventilation holes, due to the built-in 1 TB SATA hard disk, the volume is larger, it has a 10/100/1000 MBPS WAN, 2 10/100/1000 MBPS LAN port, and a USB interface.

delta thunderbolt routing is last year's popular intelligent routing, is To make money the routing ". Unfortunately, I am now on the vine due to hand is out of print.Thunderbolt routing is optimus prime modelling, built-in fan, be helpful for heat dissipation, it has a WAN, two LAN port, there is also a UBS2.0 interfaces, the original design is the start, when the later is because there are conflicts to 2.0 interface, this is an external U disk or mobile hard disk, to dig or download properly.

delta extremely routing through the route 1, extremely route 1 s, routing two, to polar route 3, metal shell and more external antenna is the modelling of its trademark, route 3 in local tyrants gold image appears, also with its propaganda big villa match the routing, a WAN port, it is.Correlates a gigabit LAN, LAN port, and a TF slot, the plug-in must is installed, it has a USB interface.The interface should be comprehensive, but why or USB 2.0, don't start with routing compatible?

delta lenovo new road by Y1S, namely Newifi routing, volume and routing is similar, the surface is mirror material, gleaming, two external antenna, followed by a WAN interface, two gigabit LAN interface, two MB LAN interface, and a usb interface.Side have ventilation holes and the usb port, can be used to charge, can also be external U disk and mobile hard disk.

delta magic beans routing of different modelling, it bring a touch screen, + 2 LAN/wan, a usb interface, and a special magic beans extension interface, the whole is ventilation holes on the back.

delta huawei honor routing compared with millet router volume is smaller, the whole machine is given priority to with white is tonal, can undertake collocation better and modern household.It has a + 2 LAN/wan, a usb interface, heat dissipation is through the ventilation holes at the bottom of the radiator.

delta youku routing treasure appearance, material can say don't feel better, but it will make money and to endure.It is + 2 LAN/wan, side have a USB interface, at present only when charging.It also built a 8 gb TF card, for digging gold cache.At the bottom is positive ventilation holes.

delta of joint development of lenovo and baidu newifi mini, first the new roads by the style, the surface is mirror, narrow the volume, the interface is also reduced, a WAN, two LAN, and a USB interface, is very similar to the above routing treasure, but it appears to be more delicate and beautiful.

delta the last one is the 360 security routing P1, launch failed, in 360 before a routing and lei cooperation to develop new products, it is very similar to millet mini, positive is anodized aluminium panel, the antenna can be rotated to 360, is at the bottom of the cooling hole, it has no USB port, but with four LAN interface.

3, software system

bring each routing has its own OS software system, it is also a routing reflect the core of the overall performance, the system for users, is simple and easy to use, feature rich.

delta millet routing is MiWiFi system, upgrade to version 2.0, now into the interface is very simple, all kinds of data information to graphical display, and a lot of functions is the storage center show surrounding it, but in the mobile client plug-in functionality is display.

delta thunderbolt routing is different from other routing, it is born to dig the crystal, so the main interface is the crystal of mining parameters and configuration, and at the same time it also has the offline download function, routing function also have some common configuration, system only three pages.

delta of routing system of graphic design in place more than millet, dynamic display router status and function of each part, commonly used functions in the first interface, without switching, hide in the inside, of course, the rich plug-in function.Delta lenovo new road

from the homepage to, feeling is the most ugly of a system design, a bit better, into the inside of the module estimate lenovo only consider practical, not considering the interface is beautiful.

delta magic beans routing on the most special, need to open the routing via a touch screen on the mode of geeks, remember that password to log in to the background management, which is the most safe, although some trouble.In the interface is very intuitive, all kinds of data parameter information be clear at a glance.

delta glory routing interface is clean, complete functions and simple, set up three steps in place on the Internet.

delta youku routing system like thunder, go in the first interface is to earn gold COINS, the others are all attached, to be honest, it is not a proper routing, a lot of functions, and very eat bandwidth, not as a primary route.

delta newifi mini system is better than the new road by the interface, all kinds of parameter annotation is very detailed, even with the CPU, according to the system state, a visual connection equipment.

delta 360 routing system interface is Microsoft's magnet style, also similar scratchable latex, it seems more convenient tablet.It is the main safety card, so more emphasize security function.


bring APP client now intelligent equipment no APP can make intelligent (wifi + APP = the false intelligence), intelligent routing to mention mobile phone client, of course, of course, this is what we need, you can remote control?Nine routing icon in addition to the thunderbolt, all give priority to color with blue and white, it is quite similar.

delta millet routing APP has a rich toolkit, can install the plug-in, the official also installs download other plugin development.It also supports thunderbolt crystal, crystal mines plug-in installation can make money, that's why I bought millet, its mining efficiency is more high than thunderbolt routing.

delta thunderbolt routing APP can remotely view the mining situation, carries on the crystal mining Settings, can see the upload speed of mining, the blue crystal is changed to red crystal, could not see the production, need to pass a special crystal mines APP view.

delta extremely routing APP in the lab can manage a variety of plug-ins, also can undertake function remote configuration.

delta xiao yun is lenovo new road by the name of the APP has not changed, its WEB interface is ugly, the APP is doing very well, function also is many, like to the transfer, online play, projection, a key migration and other routing, did not even video monitoring.

delta magic beans routing APP can also be used in a variety of APP store management plug-ins, network traffic can be visualized, connection terminals can be mastered.But it is the only, can't remote control need to access the beanstalk WIFI to use, has developed more than a year, why the remote cannot solve the problem.

delta glory routing APP is very simple, mainly including user management, WIFI mode, intelligent bandwidth setting and routing storage management.Delta routing treasure APP is purely around

gold COINS show, can manage an account of all routing treasure, can be set for each routing treasure for remote, especially remote restart is useful, isn't speed need to restart it.

delta newifi mini routing APP is very simple, including the device management, file management, expand the application, but is the time when the login is slow, patience to wait.

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