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Who would like to share bandwidth? , 360 actually released a shared cloud router

2018-01-29 12:29:06
World net

operators Yang Lianjiang \/

recently, 360 released a 360 share cloud routers, and near the open appointment today.360 Shared the key characteristics of cloud routers can pass the device will share out unused bandwidth and computing resources, claims to realize spare change, treasure you really willing to share the bandwidth resources?,



reported that 360 Shared cloud routers are based on 360 Shared cloud plan, will own idle bandwidth, computing resources, storage space sharing to people in need, share get 360 cloud drill awards according to contribution, this is their idle resource rent out for cash, which is now more popular a kind of Shared economy.

first to know about the

Shared cloud router, the router to start writing, 360 Shared cloud routers have 28 nm process process 1 GHZ CPU chip, can realize 24-hour continuous productive work.Also equipped with Qos intelligent control mechanism, to monitor the quality of uplink bandwidth can be automatic, real-time understanding of using the intelligent distribution network after, is also to ensure the use of the user.


but how many people are willing to share the network bandwidth?World network operators understand, at present the family bandwidth in many times after upgrading, has been basically realize the popularity of MB optical fiber.Now family intelligent device is also more and more, such as TV, mobile phone, tablet, computer, etc., especially the use of mobile phones to play games, using smart TV programs require a higher speed and network bandwidth.

operators the world thought, while sharing economy can save resources waste, and bring some benefits, but for the network, especially your router, if appear in the process of sharing network intrusion, steal information, and so on behavior that thed loss outweights the gain.In addition although operators offer network rate correlates to reach even higher, but in the plasma TV, play big games, and so on will have plenty of bandwidth in the process of guarantee.



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