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Why can't I enter the router settings

2018-06-25 13:48:40

This shows that your router's lan port ip has been modified (not what you modified is modified by others); that is actually the factory default ip only, as long as you can log in to Inside the router, you can arbitrarily modify the ip at 192.168..0.1. After the modification, you can only log in with the newly modified ip.

192.168..0.1 If this router is in your control, you can use the method of resetting the router to regain control of the router. That is, inserting a toothpick into the reset hole (hole in the side of the power jack), pressing it down, disconnecting the power of the route, and then powering it on, is to release the toothpick after a second and the router is reset. At this point you can use the factory default ip (that is, or to log in to the router and re-route.

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