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Why login TP-Link router prompt user name or password error

2018-06-25 14:15:19

The login address behind the router is generally Just enter this background management address to enter the background of the router to manage it. However, sometimes there is an error in the user name or password. Please follow the instructions below. "Operation" error prompt, do not prompt for user name and password, can not log in the background. This phenomenon is more common on computers that have the Eset (NOD32) anti-virus software installed:

Click the "Show hidden icons" button on the right side of the taskbar in the lower right corner of the screen to display the hidden icons:

In the pop-up panel, right-click the ESET Antivirus icon, a series of menu options will pop up, and in the pop-up menu bar, select the “Open ESET SmartSecurity” command:

The ESET SmartSecurity dialog box will pop up On the left side of the "ESET SmartSecurity" dialog box, select the "Settings" option and click on the "Enter Advanced Settings" button on the right:

In the "ESET SmartSecurity" dialog box, to the right of the "Settings" item, click on "Enter Advanced After setting the "" button, open the new "ESET SmartSecurity" dialog box and select the "Network" option:

tp link router password In this dialog box, click the plus sign + button on "Personal Income Tax" to expand. Sub-options, select the "system integration" option:

Insert "System Integration" related firewall settings, click the "System Integration" drop-down button, select "Personal firewall has been completely disabled" option As FIG.;

click "OK" to close the dialog, exit to the "ESETSmartSecurity" window, close the window.

Open IE, enter, found that you can enter the user name and password:

But sometimes enter the user name and space code, the display is blank:

You should check whether the toolbar is safe at this time, because there are many times the toolbar will be blocked; but there is no toolbar installed here, but the AdblockPro ad blocking plugin is installed!

Right-click on the "e" icon in the right side of the IE window's text taskbar. Do not check "Enable AdblockPro":

Refresh the page, and normally open the TP-LINK router background management interface. :

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