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Why I can not open

2018-01-19 16:55:54
Check the machine IP
, isn't it 192.168.1. X, had better set up automatic acquisition IP, access to the DNS server address automatically.Routing is RESET: power first, then use a toothpick, pen or something holding down the routing of the RESET button don't let go, plugged in.After 5 seconds, let it go.You the machine's IP address is set to
192.168.1. X them roughly, and then use the IE landing with respect to OK.
in the router has a small hole in front/rear panel, there were the words: Reset;Turning off the power of the router, to find, as the tips of the pen class objects hold Reset button;Give the router a electricity, wait about 3 to 10 seconds, after waiting for M1 and M2 light flashes three times at the same time can be saved the effort, reset success;Note that after the reset the router will be restored to factory Settings, the default login IP is;The default user name and password is admin/admin, landed, please pay attention to your computer's IP address is in network segment.

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