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Why broadband connections don't see how to reestablish ADSL dialing

2018-01-02 16:41:50

broadband connection is missing?

so-called virtual dial-up refers to using ADSL access INTERNET also need to input the user name and password (the same as the original MODEM and ISDN access), but the ADSL connection is not a specific access number such as 16900, but the so-called virtual private network VPN ADSL access IP addresses.

the following, we take a look at the XP how to establish broadband dial-up.

1, first of all, neighbor right click on the web, click properties.In

2, open the page choose to create a new connection.

3, click next.

4, choose to connect to the Internet, click next.

5, and the choice of manually I connect, click next.

6, choose a broadband connection to connect a user name and password, click next.

7, enter a name.

8, input your broadband user name and password, if you don't remember can call consulting your broadband provider.Click next.After

9, check the red circle, click finish, automatically creates a broadband connection icon on the desktop, click to a broadband connection.

10, completed, we'll see the icon on the desktop.Double-click on the point.

11, enter the password, click connection, and can complete a broadband connection.

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