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Why broadband upload speed?

2018-01-26 15:17:42

Internet now more and more people are using the Internet, at the same time, requirement for the quality of the network is also gradually improve, Internet users are rapidly increasing year by year.Young people drive the older generation of people together to surf the Internet, the Internet has a wealth of the world.But you know how much your home broadband upload speed is?Why to limit the upload speed, you know?

with the development of mobile Internet, "cloud era" has arrived, we not only the requirement to download speed, upload speed is also increasingly demanding.We like to put his hand on the photos video backup to the cloud, because of small memory, there will be full time, like share hd pictures, hd video to the circle of friends, to the web.However, if you found that your broadband upload speed is slow, even the 100 m, upload probably around 10 m, once a device or a lot of people, take up the upstream speed, will respond slowly at this moment, cause caton, etc.

now widespread broadband has been accelerated, the original 4 m, 10 m, 20 m broadband speed 50 m and 100 m now.I don't know your speed?

and download speed can be reached, can upload or slow, the three major operators, mobile, unicom, telecom, reveals the serious insufficiency, upper and lower bandwidth asymmetry has become the default rules.Household upstream speed much lower than the downlink bandwidth, what happened?,

in fixed broadband download speed of 11.90 M\/SEC

an average of

recently, China union issued the national network of broadband data report, shows that China's fixed broadband network average download speed of 11.90 M\/SEC.In the original speed of broadband users, many of them to deal with speed, some of them are free to speed up, details could consulting the local business hall.By the end of 2017, the national broadband network has an average of more than 11 m, 100 m optical fiber, this will be conducive to operators for all-round construction of optical fiber network, and expand into rural areas, on the basis of optical network, 2017 home users start up to 50 m broadband speed and gradually spread 100 m at the end of the year., 

published the "broadband China" strategic implementation plan, more and more broadband operator introduced to speed up the service free of charge.Descending speed has improved obviously, broadband speed development alliance as a result, China's fixed broadband network average download speed of 11.90 M\/SEC.But the downlink bandwidth improved markedly, but uplink bandwidth has become the focus.

after the accelerated speed, the original download is download speed of 20 m.

in an era of ADSL, ADSL era upward downward asymmetry is a technical problem, ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Loop) is a kind of Asymmetric Digital Subscriber line to realize broadband access to the Internet technology, it adopts frequency division multiplexing technology to ordinary telephone lines into the phone, ascending and descending three relatively independent channels, so as to avoid the mutual interference, a signal symmetry on multiple wires in the cable would significantly limit the data transmission rate and effective communication cable length, in most cases, the ratio of the downstream and upstream bandwidth to achieve the ratio of 10:1.

fiber optic fiber era with wide frequency band, large capacity, good signal quality, high reliability, etc, is one of the broadband business development direction.Is responsible for ascending and descending, respectively using two fiber does not exist asymmetric ADSL fluctuation rate of technical problems.PON technology, for example, downstream and upstream is frequency division multiplexing, mutual influence, and because it is the principle of optical fiber transmission, even if your home has 20 km away from the office end, rate is not too big change.Why,

mobile, unicom, telecom to limit the upload speed?

do you know why China mobile, China unicom, China telecom will limit our users upload speed?What is really reason behind?

in fact, this long Internet use habits and our users, we seldom use the uplink bandwidths, if the operator does not limit, and descending download speed is the same, but can cause waste of resources.And the uplink bandwidth resources are sold to companies dedicated customer room, will get more benefit.Because they upside demand, mainly upward, download the basic to meet the need for too much.Often room 10 m upward rent charge is family five or six times the cost of 100 m.

so, uplink bandwidth to room enterprise users, has become the bandwidth operators for profiteering.,

other operators are afraid of users use family fiber structures, affect their businesses dedicated leasing business, to avoid losses, thus limit, will limit home users build websites in other ways.

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