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Why cf link server failed

2018-01-11 15:30:31

cf server

connection failure reasons why a link has a lot of kinds, such as whether the game update, whether the server is down for maintenance, whether local network link is normal, these could cause the server connection failed."Through the line of Fire" (Cross Fire, CF) is a first-person shooter network game, players control a gun fighters, fight with other players.This game developed by south Korean primer Gate, in South Korea issued by Neowiz, distributors in other countries need to discuss with Neowiz and developers.The game by the tencent company operating in mainland China.

1 steps, first log in the game's official website to see the latest announcements, whether related to server is shut down maintenance.

2, first check for update the game manually, so try to update.

3, open the task manager, shut off some do not use the process of memory, also to see if there are any more abnormal connected to the Internet.

4, download games accelerate tool, carries on the corresponding Settings, in order to achieve optimization of the best effect.How to brush


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