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Why is the phone connected to the wifi always dropped, the phone connected to wifi dropped solution

2018-02-27 10:42:01

now few people use mobile phone didn't connect wifi, namely mobile wifi Internet connection is very common.But sometimes the wifi Internet connection to the phone will have to drop in, so that everyone on the phone with wi-fi voice chat, such activities as the movies often broken network is very inconvenient.So, why is mobile phone connected wifi always drops?The problem how to solve?For this, IT's small make up in the following paragraphs will summarize some phones connect wifi old drops solution, for your reference.

why wifi always drops on cell phone?Solution is introduced on a

phone wifi always drops, the solution, first of all want to make sure that the router has opened up the wireless network function., that is, click to enter "Mobile phone set ", select "Wireless network Settings "Function selection "Wlan Settings "Function.Then, click on the cell phone below "Menu "Button in the pop-up menu, choose "Senior "And then in "WLAN dormancy strategy "The drop-down menu, select "Never sleep "So as to realize the WLAN is always open, never sleep.So your wifi don't always dropped automatically.

why wifi always drops on cell phone?Solution introduced two

mobile phone even on wifi always drops, if it is caused by interference, the solution is to turn off these cause interference devices, or install the router to interfere with relatively less.Second, if the router firmware version is too low or the firmware, and hardware does not match, can go to the router's official website to find the corresponding models of the latest firmware, and follow the instructions to upgrade the router firmware.Third, if is caused by a BUG mobile wifi function, such as open the power saving mode or compatibility and router.The solution is, upgrade the phone system to the latest version, shut down power saving mode or other options may lead to WIFI closed, and feedback to the handset manufacturers.

why wifi always drops on cell phone?Solution is introduced three

fourth, if it is caused by the wireless signal is weak, Suggestions to enhance the signal, the linear distance or mobile phones and router don't too far, separated not too thick concrete walls and the shield.Fifth, if it is caused by multiple WIFI signal on a channel, the solution is to modify the router channel of other channels or replace other channel.Sixth, if it is caused by a virus, can install antivirus software antivirus for wireless devices to factory default router or a wireless equipment when necessary.Seventh, if it is caused by a hardware failure, it is suggested that as far as possible to contact factory after testing and servicing.In addition, the open software can also lead to too much on the phone even wifi always drops, suggest to close without software.

wifi always dropped on us for mobile phone and some solutions are aware, you when to solve the problem in practice advice or choose according to actual situation.Also, in the mobile phone Settings of wireless networks in the WLAN is always open and solve wifi is always on the phone's even dropped a set of commonly used methods.Yet but, here small make up remind you met on the phone even wifi always drops, whether should first take a look at the router.

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