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Why the router also failed to dial the dial

2018-01-08 15:53:40

Dial why installed the router also failed

at the time of installation of broadband general telecom companies can help users to install good broadband, telecommunications, generally there is no router present, but with the time increase of mobile Internet, wifi has become a great demand in life, so add a wireless router is a must, in the add, change or reset the router, could lead to can't PPPoE dial the number, also is to use routers on the network, the router can't dial the number of problems to learn analysis solution.

error reason 1: unable to get the WAN port IP

installed PPPOE dial, if prompt can't get the WAN port IP, can enter the management interface, system tools, system logs:

if such as log as is described in 1273: PAP: password authentication failed. ", the possible causes of this situation is:

1, the account name or password error

please make sure the username and password is correct, pay attention to the case, can have a try with the cat to dial directly connection test account information is correct, or dial 10000 consulting (other operators can call the corresponding consulting service number, the following are in telecommunications, for example).

2, ISP network card MAC address binding the computer

some ISP will give users to install broadband service binding the user's computer network card physical address (MAC address), only by being tied computer via PPPOE dial-up, and other computer or router cannot dial, this is the most common reason, if you use the modem dial, ISP default is binding for your computer's MAC address is used to dial, on a router, the solution is: using the original router can dial-up computer management, into the router management interface →Network parameters →MAC address clone, computers will be binding (original) dial-up computer network card MAC clone to the router, as shown in figure 2.

3, user access for non-standard PPPoE: such as speed software or sky broadband my world.

in addition to the above password validation fails, you can see logs and as shown in figure 3.

log shows the router PPPOE dial request did not respond, the possible causes of this situation are:

1, physical link, including the cause of the circuit connection errors, physical damage to the ports, cable without plug, cable quality problem, a MODEM has not been synchronized success, MODEM fault, etc., please confirm the attachment is correct (forget wiring, for example), MODEM line is received from the router's WAN port (such as the mistake to MODEM lines received the router LAN port), the corresponding indicator light of MODEM LAN indicator lamp and the router's WAN port lights are lit?The DSL light is normally on MODEM?First suggested that single machine to see if you can dial with normal online?If you can, then the good lines, to connect normal physical link, look to try dialing again.Before

2, an unusual break line, such as in the process of normal Internet suddenly power to the MODEM or router, this belongs to the abnormal break line, from the client is offline, but right now the server has not found, to dial again, need to wait for a few minutes to can dial success, waiting time varies according to the lines around the state, is commonly 3-5 minutes.Abnormal disconnection and dial the logs and may be as follows in figure 4.

in figure 4 log will only need to set the router automatically dial, wait for a period of time can be automatically dialing success.Dial

2, break

if you have access to the Internet in the process of success, and a computer can be normal access to the Internet, but the Internet suddenly appeared in the process of break line, then log in the router's management interface, if you see the log is figure 5 the log, the reason is that the front end circuit disconnection, may be a loose cable connection joints, MODEM malfunction, line fault and so on.Appear this kind of log, please first confirm the router's software is the latest?If not, upgrade first.If it is, pay attention to see if the line is connected, restart the MODEM is normal?Another appear this kind of log is to set up the condition of the connection mode for on-demand connection, in this mode, if the router the following user does not have any network application, wait for after a period of time (the default is 15 minutes), the network will automatically disconnect, tip of log is "Due to numerous according to request automatically disconnect ", but it won't be in the process of normal Internet suddenly break line, will be at the end of network application will wait for a period of time, and there is a new network connection when the router is automatically connected to the network, for the user, basic does not feel the process of bolt.If it's monthly broadband service, it is recommended that the set to automatically connected;Other proposal is set to manual connection.

there is a disconnect log for Accept the PADT server requests to disconnect the connection "As shown in figure 7.Each router system log is composed of a number and the content, the front of the digital content for the router boot parameters, run after the unit (s) for seconds, can be successively record accept PADT time as X, this log in front of the most similar shows success get IP log time for Y, (x-y) / 3600 namely how long bolt are obtained.Usually see phenomenon is 24 (86400 s) or 48 hours (172800 s) will automatically disconnect, then automatically dial-up, as shown in figure 7 users in 86400172, 800 respectively, this kind of situation is due to the ISP will be in one account certification for 24 or 48 hours after obtaining dynamic IP address lease to set the time, so will take back the original IP resources, then the process of redistribution, belongs to the normal behavior, under the condition of using the router just set the connection mode to Automatic connection "Can.

if you see the log and the log of all sorts of circumstances above are not identical with the above guidelines, or still cannot solve the PPPOE fault, may be the reason for the router itself lead to can't dial-up Internet access, you can use other routing test whether can surf the Internet.

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