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Why wifi connection can not access the Internet

2018-01-11 11:24:21

why wifi connection can't surf the Internet sometimes,

was successfully connect phone wifi connection home show, and get the IP address, but just can't get to the Internet.Mobile phone restart, the network also to reconnect, but just can't get to the Internet.So why wifi connection can not access to the Internet?Here to introduce some ways to solve it, to see see!

1, encounter this kind of situation, the first is the need to check whether the home network normal connection.Open a browser on your computer, commonly used in the address bar enter url, such as baidu.


2, if can open, said the network is normal.Some classmates under DOS if can ping, also said that the network is normal.At this point to note that need to ping the website rather than IP addresses.

3, otherwise may be able to ping but still can't open the website, such as DNS error or winsock error or when someone is doing a lot of bandwidth.

4, so, if the computer can open the web site is very slow, even the last may be above such mistakes again, you should check if anyone in the computer in a large amount of bandwidth.Open the P2P check.

5, aiming at the problem of why wifi connection can not surf the Internet, if there is no P2P software, can also through the router "Traffic statistics "Check the flow function.

6, if the inspection found through the above methods are very normal.But the WIFI still can't get to the Internet, you should check the phone.From the top to pull down the notification bar, the phone's screen will switch to the "Switch ".

7, you can see "WLAN"And "Data "Is already open, and then touch gray "Flight mode ".

8, "Flight mode "Will soon become a highlight, and "WLAN"And "Data "Have you become gray.

9, and then, again close "Flight mode "To open "WLAN"Or "Data ", should be able to get to the Internet.If not yet, is a good chance that the router's channel has a problem, such as entangled channel, or cell phone not good recognition is not commonly used channel.At this time should be reset the router's channel.Login router background, in order to enter "Wireless parameters ", "Basic setup ".So why wifi connection but not on the Internet?

10, and then on the right "Wireless network basic setup "Interface, "Channel "To the commonly used, such as 6, 9, 11.Settings, click "Save "Button.After

11, through the above methods set doesn't work, also can try to restart the router.

can't surf the Internet for why wifi connection is introduced here, hope to be of help!Want to learn more about why wifi connection but can't get to the Internet, you can continue to pay attention to the newest trend of mobile technology.

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