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WiFi network become very card how to do, WiFi network card becomes a very good solution

2018-03-02 14:40:50

then in case of network change card should do what measures to judge whether wi-fi stolen?

this is to use the command window whether wi-fi stolen by another way.Click "Start "Then point "Run ".Input "CMD"And press enter.Input "Ipconfigh/all"And press enter.Then you will see all the devices connected to the router.

will be listed on a router device with your computer name, IP address and hardware address.If you do not agree, the network was stolen.Check your router

please observe the above series of routers status indicators, including the power lamp, network connection lamp, lamp wireless connection.If the wireless light not bright, all the computer can't surf the Internet in the home, so you can be sure no one steal.Internet service providers is the slow speeds, the culprit.Call complaints network suppliers.Check the IP address of the computer


router lamp has been flashing.Start the computer, open a web browser (for example: firefox or chrome) and enter the following Numbers or is determined by the router.

found in the TAB on the connected devices

this will allow you to confirm and analyze the past and now has a computer connected to the wireless router.You can choose to disconnect some of the computers on your router.

set up a wireless router password

this will ensure the safety of the wireless connection.To "TAB "Or "Safety "Can be associated Settings.Choose WPA wpa2-psk or WEP password.The latter is more secure, and if so, please choose it.Make sure your password easy to remember but difficult to guess.Click "Save "Or "Application ".Restart the computer.

if you have already disconnected, please find wireless desktop icon on the lower right corner of the screen and double-click on it.And enter your password and then click the wireless network.Password does not represent a selfish, you can be regarded as responsible for the responsibility also have to help others.

you can use wi-fi tips you save money with wi-fi.Ask neighbors are willing to share the cost share of bandwidth at the same time.If you have a fast enough to enhance the speed of the computer, then you need not worry.Also in the maintenance of the computer, often clean up the file, use the appropriate antivirus prevent spyware application can make computer run more quickly.

if not satisfied with current suppliers, then find another.Confirm the quotation, as far as possible choose a faster but favorable network connection.More than

is about the WiFi network card See if stolen ceng net, hope to help you!

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