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WiFi network artifact use Raiders

2018-01-15 10:25:20

wi-fi networking artifact using strategy

master must WiFi hotspot data, search, cracked and connect to the WiFi available resources around.WiFi networking artifact, simple to use, fast and efficient, whether in the railway stations, shopping malls, restaurants, make it easy for everyone connected to the wireless network at any time and place, saving time save electricity flow, only "one key link", music, video, novels, games and a variety of networking mobile service is in your hands.

in WiFi has become a basic human survival needs time, free WiFi networking artifact specializes in all kinds of "Traffic enough "The network can't even throughout &;"WiFi throughout the password &;Symptoms, artifact, universal WiFi on the side.

1, when using WiFi networking artifact, you first need to open the WiFi model and mobile data network switch is very little traffic (cost), in order to analysis the wi-fi hotspots around the situation, it is important to note that the WiFi networking artifact connect only public WiFi are available, and private encryption WiFi is unbreakable;After

2, network analysis, complete click "Start a networking "Around, can be automatically connected after the most powerful WiFi network;After

3, connect to the wireless network, WiFi networking artifact will automatically for the network speed, and gives Suggestions for the web service can be;

4, if you want to try to connect WiFi other resources, you can click "In a network connect "Or click to view "WiFi list "And WiFi available channel choice.

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