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WiFi signal full grid page can not brush out, how to improve speed?

2018-01-26 10:24:48

WiFi very important in the field of our life, whether brush drama or playing games, is inseparable from the WiFi.Believe that everyone has this experience, the WiFi signal clearly shows full, but is can't open web pages, believe a lot of friends have such experience.Let's take a look at some tips to improve speed.

1, on a regular basis to restart router router will work long hours after the cache some data, easy to cause the wireless network.On a regular basis to restart the router can clear some useless cache data, so as to improve network speed.

2, don't put the router in the corner,

the placement of the wireless router has a certain degree of influence on WiFi signal strength, had better put the router in the house in the middle of the open position, don't have any obstructions around, in case of signal is weakened, put the router can effectively reduce the obstacles on high disturbance to the router.Some

3, let the router from appliances,

home appliances such as microwave ovens, wireless phone may cause interference to the WiFi signal.Users should try to put the router in far away from home appliances, household electric appliances to avoid the interference caused by the router.

4, regularly modified WiFi password,

if the router's LAN is occupied by a lot of, speed will be slow down.So it's best to modify the WiFi password regularly, prevent others ceng network at the same time.Regular login wireless Settings interface, check whether the router network, if it is found that tore the nets, will rub net play and modify the password, restart the router.You can also use the WiFi key prevention network function, not only can view the current connection WiFi devices, also can see the name of the device.

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