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WiFi speed just a setting, so that speed up the Internet!

2018-01-25 14:25:15

WiFi speed slow as a snail, I've always wanted to see the variety show over time millpond went to ~ ~

to teach you a good method, a minute let your WiFi speed fly!!

video is a little long, please watch under wifi oh ~

video is too long to see not over?

Do not worry, Xiaobian to help you conclude the graphic version oh, take away not thank

Open Phone Settings - Wireless LAN

Click the network you link to

Click Configure DNS

Manually typing

Complete, quit

It's that simple

if you write the DNS is wrong, such as broadband users langfang DNS fill into Shanghai's DNS, you access all web sites are guided to Shanghai, speed will be much slower.The country also has a public, OPPO phone need additional input IP address and router, other phones are generally not required.

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