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Wifi appears yellow exclamation point how to do, wifi appears network restricted solution

2018-02-12 13:42:35

wifi appear yellow exclamation mark?

online friends all know that sometimes encounter limitation of wifi, then the default gateway can't use, often broken network, all kinds of dejected.

the following, we take a look at doing system under wifi network limited solution.The diagnostic tool system at

1, if use always appear the default gateway is not available.

2, or 360 off some network first-aid kit diagnosed the DNS server is unusual, if occasionally can be fixed directly, but if frequent repair, that recommends modifying ipv4, change to be fixed.

3, right-click "Online neighbors ", click "Properties throughout the &;, open the ipv4.

4, the first is the IP address, if your router address is, the IP address to fill in, the default subnet mask, default gateway address, fill out your router if is fill in this.To the DNS server is very important, many people have to fill out Google's DNS server free, but the speed will slow, domestic also have free DNS server.

5, recommend you fill out the landing approach is router, view the router's DNS servers.As shown.It is ok to fill out.

6, if changes the still doesn't work, then you can continue to look down.First doing system for compatibility of the network is not very good, now believe that everyone's nic driver is Broadcom provide wireless network card driver, but doing

7 system of the wireless network card driver wasn't compatible with (for now), so you'd better use doing the default wireless card.Right click "My computer ", click "Properties throughout the &;, select "The device manager ".

8, just rollback nic driver.

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