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Wifi password PIN crack tutorial, WiFi password how to crack graphic

2018-01-19 13:13:56
PIN cracking is popular in recent years the wifi password cracking is the most effective way.What is the PIN?What's the use?
here to say a concept first, WPS, WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) is a kind of lost password and SSID free advice wireless configuration protocol, it is to be able to make the benefits of support WPS device, in one of the first connection device, can through the way of don't have to manually enter the SSID and password, automatically establish a connection.
because of convenient, so dangerous.If we know a routing SSID and PIN, then we can aboveboard into the wifi network, it doesn't matter that we don't know the wifi password immediately.Once we know the PIN, the connected encryption also useless, we can through the Reaver said on software to get the password.
PIN number format is simple, eight decimal number, the last one (eighth) as the check digit (according to former seven to calculate), four before validation testing first, if the agreement is a information feedback, so just can be completely before scanning again 10000 times four, four set before, just try again (3), 1000, before 7 to calculate the check digit can be verify the PIN can be violence.So even if you don't know how check digit calculation, then you try to a maximum of 10000 + 1000 + 10 = 11010 times you get the PIN, thereby gaining the wifi password, is a much simpler?
first put figure, in order to facilitate presentation, here I own route, for example.Hypothesis has received the PIN (14099281), this is my Tplink PIN.Routing interface can get it.

(1). Same as above, scan the available wireless networks, but this wouldn't have caught.Because you are PIN routing directly, also don't need to have online equipment.Click on the Reaver.

(3) in the command bar to add - p14099281, meaning from 14099281 began to PIN, in this way, all of a sudden you get PIN, under normal circumstances don't know, don't have to fill in, just click OK, and then wait for the password.

because the test PIN known here, so less than 10 seconds and password.

will also keep a BT5 Root/TMP

So, this method obviously get wifi password is very efficient, theory is also will be broken.More than
I was armed with a PIN in advance, so soon, but don't know how much is the PIN, normally at this time?Here are some tips.
because the PIN is randomly generated an 8-bit decimal number.So that is generated by various manufacturers.huawei (huawei) routing (C83A35, 00 b00c) is by the MAC before six hexadecimal number directly into seven decimal number plus a check code generation, algorithm is too weak.So you can directly through the Dec2Hex calculated.On the PIN like DLink get blank brains with a delay, it will lead to the PIN is slow, indirect have the effect of anti PIN, there are many other, according to different routing can go online to find relevant information.And some TPLink is directly with the function of anti PIN.Of course this is all need time, so be patient.
there are some so-called PIN optimization advice is don't trust, PIN was not so-called optimal optimization, one thousand PIN leakage and to change the posture, once again.For some hidden SSID, could be obtained through BT5 desktop FeedingBattle bottles.
, said the next wifi tore.
kind, of course, just over the Internet use, save money sharing network.At most a download to network card a bit.
but, if a malicious, after the invasion of your wifi can arp attacks to you.For example.

I rub the wifi, guo si niang just four niang and han in chat.
by four niang's computer send false arp information, my host disguised as a gateway.The process is reasonable, and could not be found.Because 802.11 protocol in the next three layer LAN the default is to trust each other, because only on the premise of mutual trust, you will be in the same local area network (LAN).But this time I was sneaking into four niang and gateway all don't know.
four niang said: han han, I hate you.
as the gateway of camouflage, I first received this information, then I tampered with, "Han han, I love you ".Then sent to the real gateway, the gateway to send to han han.
han back to: .
and then I send fake arp information gateway, disguised as four niang himself.Will receive the expression.To tamper with, "Throughout &;.Then sent to the real four niang.
the last two of them together.

this example is very bad, but illustrates the harm of LAN is ceng, hackers do not just these, of course.The above process on the implementation is easy.Just do some raw socket package, their good encapsulation of TCP/IP protocol to send is ok.And then to obtain data tampering is OK.In fact this is also 360 principle of active defense, his initiative to send arp information gateway, to prevent being cheated.

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