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Win10 wifi limited how to do, win10wifi restricted graphic tutorials

2018-01-15 10:56:03

win10wifi restricted how solution:

complete the system found that wireless networks that have a yellow exclamation point

2, left a little pop-up out a list of limited found

3, right-click on wireless network, open network and sharing center,

4, and then click on their wireless networks, pop-up WLAN limited state

5, here you can see, then click & rsquo;Wireless attributes & lsquo;

6, pop-up wireless networks attributes, click on the chosen card & rsquo;Safety,

7, and then click & rsquo;Advanced Settings & lsquo;

8, on the advanced Settings can be seen inside "For this network to enable the federal information processing standards (FIPS) compatible (F) "On the front hook, hook

9 after click & rsquo;Identify & lsquo;

10, the last disconnect network on the new connection can even if you after upgrade win10

wireless networks wifi connection, can consult the appeal method to solve oh, hope useful for everyone.

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