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Win7 computer how to check previously connected WiFi password

2018-01-23 11:31:36

of the ubiquitous network, convenient for the need of mobile office, for the first time, we use encryption and connect a WiFi, is to save the password by default, all of a sudden one day need your WiFi password used in other devices, only to find that forgot to WiFi password, however, in the original notebook have been remember password, you can read below understanding to check the computer to connect the WiFi password before.Method one:


1, as an administrator to run command to check the wifi password CMD (note to open wireless network card), you can click the Windows icon on the left of the computer, and then in "Search programs and files "Dialog box type CMD, then press the return key;

2, in the command indicator window screen, input:

for/f "The skip delims = = 9 tokens = 1, 2: "% I in ("Netsh wlan commands show profiles ")Do @ echo % j | findstr searches - I - v echo | netsh wlan commands show profiles % j key = clear

3 after, you can see below computer after connect WiFi information, encryption, and WiFi password.Method 2:

over a wireless network to check the wifi password, click on the lower right corner of the computer

1 wireless icon, and then click "Open network and sharing center "

2, in the network and sharing center interface by clicking on the left side "Management of the wireless network "

3 at this time, the computer will display all the wifi connection

4, we double click to view the wireless network, pops out its properties, click on the security in the attribute, and then display character under the network security key hook before mentioned above, this is the wifi password was supposed to take the form of a password will be displayed in clear text above

is to check the computer to connect the wifi password before method, in order to avoid unexpected ascertained, users need to pay attention to save the password after creating wi-fi hotspots.

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