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Win7 tutorials for wireless routing functionality

2018-02-07 10:43:29

closed firewall!

host Settings as follows: 1, as an administrator to run the command prompt: "Start "- in the search bar "Cmd"- right to "An administrator to run "

2 enabled and set up virtual WiFi card: run the command: netsh wlan commands set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = wuminPC key = wuminWiFi (note: the above command "Ssid"The scarlet letter as the network name, after his call, such as wuminPC can change MyWiFi, etc., how do you like name will do
"Key"Word for the password back, his call, such as wuminWiFi can be changed to 12345678, in his name is ok, don't have to the network name, the password, the password more than eight best) there are three parameters, the command mode: whether to enable virtual WiFi network card, to disallow is disabled.
ssid: wireless network name, had better use English for wuminPC (for example), namely, to set the wifi name.More than
key: wireless network password, eight characters for wuminWiFi (for example), that you want to set the wifi password.The above three parameters can be used alone, for example, only use the mode = disallow can disable the virtual Wifi card directly.Believe that used DOS knows how to run a command, that is the input and press enter netsh wlan commands set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = wuminPC key = wuminWiFi run after see the following content:

and then open "Network and sharing center "- "Change adapter Settings "And see if it is a more, if there are more of this item "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter"The set is given, it means that in front of you.In
opened successfully, the network connection will be more than a network adapter for "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter"The wireless.For convenience, rename it to virtual WiFi.If no, need to update the wireless network card driver with respect to OK.3, set up the Internet connection sharing: in "The network connection "Window, right-click on the connected to the Internet network connection, select "Properties throughout the &;→"Sharing ", hook "Allow other ······Connected (N) "And select "Virtual WiFi".
was determined, the Shared network card icon will appear "Shared throughout the &;Words, said "Broadband connection "Has Shared to "Virtual WiFi.

4, open wireless network: continue to run in the command prompt: netsh wlan commands start hostednetwork

of course, you can create a new notepad file copy: netsh wlan commands start hostednetwork then save as: start the WIFI hotspot. Bat
next time boot, only need to "An administrator to run "Just started.

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