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Wireless Router Can't Find Information Number?

2018-05-17 15:55:57

In fact, the length of the article is not good. It is a good article to solve the problem. This site has been edited recently. jmqy.com recently moved the computer from the house to the hut. The result is not strong, but it is actually a problem of distance. The wireless router's signal is not strong, but the problem that all people encounter is this, people who use the wireless network will encounter the problem that can't find the wireless router signal, have met this situation, the wireless network card of the notebook can search The signal to others is not able to find the signal of your own router. The specific conditions and solutions are as follows:

Try to borrow other wireless network adapters to see if the router's wireless signal can be found and confirm whether it is a router failure. . PCJ China Routing Network

Some wireless network cards may not support the 12 and 13 bands, modify the frequency band of the wireless signals, and read the signals within 1 to 11. PCJ China Routing Network

When the wireless router is turned on, the wireless WLAN indicator blinks continuously. The cable enters the router management interface and confirms whether the wireless function is enabled. PCJ China Routing Network

Ultimate killer, restore the wireless router factory settings and re-search. PCJ China Routing Network

Adjust the location of the wireless router or wireless network card to avoid the situation where the wireless network card is in the signal blind area of ​​the router. PCJ China's routing network

The problem of not being able to search for the router's own signal is roughly the same as what I described above. Everyone has problems and can try it out. There is definitely a way to solve it.

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