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Wireless Router Setup Tutorial

2018-05-17 10:39:20

Now every household has a lot of computers, and wireless routers are also frequent guests at home. However, since most users do not understand network devices, they always find it very difficult to set up routers. Equipped with a setup wizard, but in many cases, the router will still have such problems, and at this time, still have to solve through the router settings, so today I will introduce to you about wireless. u> Four aspects of router setup.

Wireless Router Configuration

How to configure wireless router?

Wireless Router Setup Tutorial Before you can configure your wireless router, you must connect your PC to your wireless router with a network cable and the other end of the cable to your wireless router. On the LAN port. After the physical connection is installed, to configure the wireless router, you must also know two parameters, one is the username and password of the wireless router; the other is the management IP of the wireless router.

To configure the wireless router, the PC's IP address must be on the same network segment as the wireless router's management IP address. Currently, most wireless routers only support Web page configuration and do not support configuration modes such as Telnet.

In the browser, enter the management IP of the wireless router. The desktop will pop up a login screen. After entering the user name and password, we will enter the configuration interface of the wireless router.

After entering the configuration interface of the wireless router, a “setting wizard” will pop up automatically. In the Setup Wizard, the system only provides settings for the WAN port. The user does not care about the "Setup Wizard" and goes directly to the "Network Parameter Settings" option.

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