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Wireless Router Setup: Settings for Dual Router Bridging

2018-06-11 14:34:02

This article is about an advanced problem with router setup, which is the setup of dual routers. Generally speaking, it is a router in the general Internet environment. Then there will be dual routers. If you use two routers, you need to implement some functions that the dual routers should implement. This article is about the method of dual router bridging WIFI enhancements. Please see below. /p>

First is the router setup:

First: Open the IE browser in a generic way Input:

< p>

User name and password are: admin After entering the route setting interface,

Select Wireless Settings, tick the Bridged box, and enter the MAC address of another route (MAC address At the bottom of the router there is a representation)

Please note that the MAC format is 11-11-11-11-11 in the middle of every 2 digits when inputting. & ldquo;-& rdquo Separated by numbers. After the route is restarted, the router is shut down.


Then connect another router, enter into the routing settings, and change the IP address to

< /p>

In front of Bridged, enter another routed MAC address (the MAC address is shown at the bottom of the router),

Please note that the MAC format is 11-11 when inputting Each -11-11-11 is separated by a “-” The bridge is complete and you can go online.

PS: Note: (in wireless bridge mode) The second router's DHCP server should be turned off.

The first router's DHCP server can be enabled.

Each computer can be set to dynamically obtain an IP address.

If set to a fixed IP, the gateway must be set to the first route. The general gateway is:

< Center>


If you can't go online, check out if you can!!

If you can't go online and see if your IP address is OK!!

Above is Regarding the bridging setup of dual routers on an XP system, the settings under WIN7 system are basically the same, but the interface may be different. There are many questions, share two Internet routers goodThere are not many, but there must be some uniqueness. I hope this content of this site will be helpful to everyone.

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