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Wireless Router WDS Connection Successful but Cannot Access the Internet

2018-05-23 16:30:45

I used two Tengda routings today for debugging and debugging was successful. However, it is a bit different from the way I used tplink before. Both route 1 ( and route 2 ( must be wds and added to each other. If route 1 is connected to an external network, route 2 must be turned off by dhcp. The ip address pool is 192.168.0. (100-150), and other devices can directly access the route 2 to automatically obtain ip access. very convenient.

2, lan port ip address can be modified (can not be changed) default is

3, ssid name custom

< p> I just got through the above method. Because Baidu saw a lot of posts on the success of WDS connection but could not access the Internet, no one can effectively solve the problem, so he made a post to help people in need.

2. The wds function scans route 1 and then joins it (route 1 does not use wds).

[IT168 Technology] Problem with multiple wireless routers WDS connection is successful but the network cannot be opened (web page) And QQ will not work, often not caused by the compatibility issues of the router, the following to tplink 740N and 340G models, introduce a solution to everyone:

4, channel settings and encryption (1-12 Can) router settings All the above routers do not need to change the dhcp, are automatically assigned, do not listen to the forum eight, the above places are not mentioned Do not change, the default will be.

Terminal (mobile phone or computer):

Route 1 setting method: 1. WAN port intelnet

Mimi Threading:


All the routers above do not need to change the dhcp. All are allocated automatically. Don't listen to the forums. Do not change the places mentioned above. The default is OK.

3. The ssid name of route 2 is customized

4. The channel and b/g/n modes must be the same as route 1

because of WDS technology. Not standardized, different routers have different setting methods, please set according to the actual situation, the following is the WDS routing Tenda wireless routing settings

Route setting method 2:1, lan port ip address reference routing 1 ip settings (can not be the same)

Route 1 access to the Internet and the same way as the original automatically get ip, and all need to be through the route 2 Internet terminal must manually set the ip address, ip address to refer to the route The address of 1 is set manually, there is also a gateway and dns also have to be manually set and must be the same as the IP address of Route 1.

The wireless router WDS connection is successful but the Internet cannot be processed. It is owned by qz24045959 and corrected at the same time:

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