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Wireless broadband router automatically dropped how to do?

2018-05-24 13:35:45

This site has made a special contribution to Xiao Bian. We have tried many of these issues. We have dropped calls, we have not flashed lights, etc. How can we solve the problem? Here is a detailed description of how to solve the problem of broken wires. .

Many users who use wireless broadband routers have encountered automatic disconnection. We will explain to you in detail how to completely solve this problem. The wireless network is prone to signal instability during use. As well as disconnection, in general, when this happens, everyone will turn off the wireless broadband router and reboot. In fact, it is not necessary for us to do this. We can start from the two aspects of software and hardware, and let the broken wireless route work again.

First check for hardware failures.

For small networks in general, low-end wireless broadband routers generally meet the requirements, but this also brings some drawbacks to stability. Therefore, when a relatively frequent automatic disconnection occurs, first check the operation of the hardware device. Focus on checking the working environment of the equipment, whether the signal is disturbed, whether the wired network is working properly, especially whether the temperature is too high in the summer, etc. These are the focus of the inspection. Because of the high temperature and signal interference, it will affect the network signal, especially the wireless signal.

When a large number of worms, ARP viruses, etc. exist on the client, a large number of virus data closing device ports will be generated, causing the device to be in a full-load working state and even crashing. In this regard, generally only the virus killing process can be performed.

But for the software failure, there is another reason for the parameter setting. Many wireless broadband routers have the “On-demand connection” option, which automatically detects the request to access the network. If no request is made within the set time, the network will be automatically disconnected. So you can check whether it is because of the problem of this option, if it is, then set it as "Automatically Connect" so as to avoid the situation that the connection cannot be automatically disconnected. General low-end wireless broadband routers, as long as the method of attention in the use, do a good job of basic maintenance, it is still more suitable for small office LAN use, there is no need to buy high-end equipment. Here is to remind you to pay attention to the configuration of your computer, sometimes slow will also be related to the configuration.

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