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Wireless router SSID broadcast how to close, close the method

2018-03-02 16:09:05

wireless router after close the SSID, all equipment search is less than the router WiFi signal, we can don't come through this method to prevent network, the wireless router SSID broadcasting how close?Here introduce to everybody.

wireless router SSID broadcasting how close?

ssid Settings shall be carried out in the router management interface, and need to be a wireless router, and open the WiFi network, detailed setting method is as follows.

in the first place in the connection router network computer (can also be a mobile phone) in the browser, open the router login interface address, this article as an example with TP - Link router.Directly in the browser to open the url: login into the router interface, enter the administrator password after login.After

into the router management Settings interface Settings, click open "The wireless set "And then "Open the radio "The front "& radic;Throughout the &;, and click on the below "Save "Is ok, finished, attachment are less than their search the WiFi router.

this time, it can be hidden SSID, let the attachment of wireless search less than their WiFi name, so as to improve safety.

above is my introduction of wireless router SSID broadcasting how close, hope to help you.

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