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Wireless Icon Analysis and Solutions for Various Display States

2018-01-23 14:33:47

in wireless problems are not online, I don't know why can't get to the Internet, we are now for the analysis of several wireless icon under state.


the first one: show a small plane

analysis: the problem that we opened the flight mode, we need to close the flight mode to solve the problem.

list window, click the icon to open the plane network of flight mode switches.

the second: show the cause of the small star

analysis: wireless with no connections available wireless networks, click on the wireless icon in the search to the list by clicking on a wireless network connection.

the third: wireless icon red fork

reason analysis: change the computer Settings in the wireless device is closed, click change computer Settings of the wireless, open wi-fi switch toggle.

fourth: wireless icon disappeared, only show the cause of the computer and the Red Cross

analysis: this phenomenon shows that the wireless device driver or is disabled, the solution is to reinstall wireless driver, or press Win + X key to open the device manager, right-click on your wireless device to open the device can be solved.

fifth: wireless icon show white cascade icon

this phenomenon shows that have normal wireless network connection.

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