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Wireless ap how to use? Wireless AP steps

2018-01-11 11:28:27

wireless ap or wireless access point, it is to use wireless hotspot router and access equipment, after a wireless hot spot can have a network in a certain range, a variety of hot and mobile computing devices can link to get to the Internet, in the factory, school, restaurant, family, park, shopping malls, and so on will be applied to the demand of the wireless ap.But what exactly does a wireless ap is how to use?For the first time use wireless ap often don't understand its links.

wireless ap using step

first set the wireless network nodes, namely wireless ap.Wireless AP is the cable network signal is converted to high-frequency wireless signals, it is not only transmitting radio signals, and accept the wireless signal, it is the center of the whole network.Because it is the core of the wireless network, so its position is very important, it determines the signal strength of your wireless network (affect the transmission distance, less than 200 meters) and the transmission rate (connection speeds).So general advice to choose a can cover the position, in all corners of the room, put the wireless AP.The IP address of the wireless AP, generally the IP address of the wireless AP for, have a plenty of, subnet mask the beginning of your operating system - accessories - communication - network connection, right-click on the wireless network, select properties, in the network attribute sets the notebook the IP address of the wireless network card to (if the address of the wireless AP is, then here is set to, subnet mask is set to, so wireless network card and wireless AP in a network within the region (segment).Open the power of wireless AP, notebook wireless card will automatically search the wireless AP.In

and then, open the IE browser, IE address bar, type the address of the wireless AP (or, a wireless AP manage login interface, the wireless AP prospectus, provide a management account and password (generally the default user name admin, password is empty.You can be in after the first login, modify), right after the input to get into wireless AP management interface.Depending on your home broadband access to the IP address of the wireless AP in IP wireless network nodes is set to the static or dynamic.If your home on the Internet by way of broadband access IP is dynamic (most are dynamic, such as ADSL, residential broadband, etc.Dynamic means each access IP may be different), will not set the IP address of the AP to dynamic, vice is set to static (in your original external network connection is local area network (LAN), if it is manually assign IP, not installed DHCP service, will need to set a static).

on broadband cable to connect to wireless AP (cable is connected to the original desktop), and then sets the laptop adapter's IP address to automatically obtain (AP set to dynamic access, in the wireless network connection properties, set the IP access to automatically obtain,.If the AP to get the static, need to specify the IP address here, you can specify, between instead - any subnet mask attention to the wireless AP is static, the address of the wireless AP is, then here for the wireless network connection properties, set the wireless network to open, the key set is prohibited.You can surf the Internet now.How do you use the

wireless ap?Specific steps the article is to introduce the out, if has the need to link the wireless ap can try it according to the method in the article, believe most to be able to link, have the effect of network hot spots covered, sharing.At present some people use wireless ap and wireless router confusion together, think the wireless ap is wireless router, remind everybody wireless ap and the function of the wireless router, application way, links, and so on have very big different, they are not the same.

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